Vertical Pianos

Samick WG-7 52″ Ebony Polish Professional Upright Piano

Built in Korea, this piano has the ultimate in tone and expressive action.  It is a great piano for the serious student or as a home piano for the professional artist who needs tone and playability of a large grand but does not have the space available.

Samick is a builder of quality pianos since 1958.  Samick produces a number of well-known and respected brands, and in addition sells pianos to C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik in Germany.

Now $3,500.

Kimball 42″ Walnut Consolette

Beautiful, and excellent condition.  A great family piano and one that will be great for lessons for a child or young family member.

Was $1,410.  Now only $600.

Kimball 41.5″ Walnut Console

Beautiful French Provincial Queen Ann walnut design.  A great piano for a budding piano student’s lessons or for a practice piano for a more advanced player.

Was $1,500.  Now only $800.

Opus 48″ Plum Mahogany Polish Professional Upright

Stunningly beautiful plum color and plays like a dream.  Deep, rich tone characteristic of professional uprights and comparable to a baby grand due to similar string length.

Was $3,900.  Now $2,900.

Sojin DW-1CA 42″ Red Mahogany Console

SOLD     Was $2,400.  Now only $1,950.    SOLD 

Young Chang AF108 43″ Dark Cherry Satin Console

Beautiful Queen Ann design and great playability.  A wonderful piano for young hands and to support lessons.  Plays as nice as it looks.

Was $2,900.  Now only $1,900.

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