The Inside Story

Sure, the Story & Clark pianos look great on the outside, but what about the quality on the inside?  How does it really compare with other pianos?  It turns out that the closer you look, the better Story & Clark pianos are.  The attention Story & Clark gives to even minor (and normally unseen) details becomes evident upon close inspection and compares favorably against much more expensive better-known brand pianos.

Consider these features:

  1. Solid Wood Construction “sound enhancement” using Spruce – Maple – Mahogany.
  2. Connection to your computer via USB for Story & Clark exclusive technology for all of their acoustic pianos–called ProScan.  Click here regarding this exciting technological advancement.
  3. Extra-Wide Casters for a more “even” and “less direct gravity–centered” distribution of weight regarding the three spaded-leg tripods.  Will not indent hardwood flooring.
  4. Wing Nuts under front-end construction for easy and reliable dis-assembly for tuning and service entry for key and action/damper adjustments.
  5. The award-winning design is a trademark of Story & Clark cabinetry.
  6. Duplex Scale design and sand cast manufacturing of the plate provides greater holding power and reinforcement for the tension, tolerances, and tuning stability of the entire “scale design” inside the case.  Steinway,  Bösendorfer,  Mason Hamlin, and other five-star-rated pianos all have “sand cast manufacturing”!  If it is better, why don’t other piano manufacturers use sand casting?  Because it is more expensive to do and isn’t as compatible with high-volume mass production methods.
  7. Thick upper rim construction provided greater rigidity to enhance a “fundamental bell tone” from the soundboard.  Also shown is the beautiful brass emblem of the Story & Clark Logo. 
  8. Solid spruce soundboard–hand made in Canada and hand-fitted quarter-sawn cut with a very tight grain pattern of 12 – 15 grains per ½ inch to disperse sound energy!
  9. German “Renner – blue” quality hammers for a less metallic tone.
  10. Nickel Plated Tuning Pins eliminates rust that can corrode strings.  Solid brass agraffes ensure “even distance and vibration” of the unisons.
  11. Light tensile strengthened mahogany hammer shanks provide a more responsive  “key release and key up-stroke” for a quick, smooth touch.
  12. No plastic parts – All wood parts for the key and action assembly are seasoned for Colorado’s dry high-altitude.  The aluminum action rail is serrated to create a natural clamp for flanges.
  13. Thick and dense die-cast aluminum action rail reinforcing the key and action assembly.  Other manufacturers use cheaper extruded aluminum, which is thinner and less rigid.
  14. Solid wood “hard rock maple” whipped assembly, quarter-sawn cut and seasoned.
  15. Solid spruce keybed and brass adjustments for the damper assembly.
  16. Top of “dampers” and beautifully embossed Story & Clark’s Logo onto the soundboard!
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