Larger Grands

Conservatory, Semi-Concert and Concert Grand Specials

These are at least 6′ or larger grand pianos appropriate for stage use: churches, theaters, auditoriums, schools and universities, concert venues* and large living rooms!

* Piano Pathways has a rental program to provide stage pianos for special events.

Baldwin Model F 7′ Ebony Satin 1967 Semi-Concert Grand

A truly versatile piano, the Model F was a fierce competitor to Steinway’s model B. They are known for having a robust tone, which is typical of great American pianos from this period but having projection and power.  Come, see, a player’s dream!  Reconditioned action, a five-year warranty, and FREE tuning included.  This piano is sure to bring generations of great music-making with regular care and maintenance – a gem to be cherished for years to come.


Mason & Hamlin AA 6’2″ Walnut Satin Conservatory Grand

Built in Haverhill, MA in 1918 during the “Golden Age” of piano building when some of the finest pianos ever made were produced. Mason & Hamlins are considered by many experts the most underrated piano make and one of the world’s best instruments bar none. The Model AA is capable of large sonorities as well as the softest, most delicate whisperings.  This one has the Tension Resonator® that is unique to this ensures that the soundboard maintains its crown.  The result is a piano that lasts a lifetime and has a very warm sound that is highly prized by piano aficionados.

On Sale! $22,500

Baldwin Model L 6′ 3″ Ebony Satin Conservatory Grand

Made in 1957 during the Baldwin Piano Co’s peak years, this has the touch and sound piano aficionados seek out.  The Baldwin Model L is based on an amazing scale design offering a rich tone and bass for a piano of its size.

The complex “American sound” and American craftsmanship that was the envy of the world.  Come see and play this marvelous instrument.  Includes five-year warranty, two in-home tunings.  Includes artist bench.

136027-Baldwin L 6-3 ES



Tadashi T500 6′ 1″ Oak Conservatory Grand

Made in Hamamatsu, Japan (where both Yamaha and Kawai have their factories), this high-quality piano is a steal at this price.  Here is what the bluebook of pianos ( says about the Tadashi:

“A young, progressive company, Tadashi has combined Japan’s superior technical resources with a classically based understanding of the professional musician’s demands. Left behind are the outdated and immature tonal attitudes of the current Japanese products, which have been replaced with a piano capable of emulating the great European instruments’ sound. In the past, the Japanese insisted on adopting their own concept of tone if the buyer was interested in the benefits of Japan’s technical superiority. Tadashi recognizes the superiority of its Japanese technology but can admit that Europeans are the masters of tone. This marriage of philosophies creates a piano line that competes in price and quality with the Japanese and yet has the great pianos’ sound, which cost twice as much.

The Tadashi piano, known to some under the “Atlas” name, was the first piano in Japan to receive the U.S. seal. Its long history of development used the resources of the Shizimoka School of Acoustics and the Tokyo Conservatory of Music for tonal research and acceptability to the musician. This well-thought-out instrument is being marketed very conservatively under the auspices of President Rimas, a former concert pianist.”

Only $6,900, including in-home tuning, a five-year warranty, and a 10-year free trade-up.


Schimmel 6′ 3″ Ebony Polish Conservatory Grand

A wonderful instrument from a German maker of premium pianos.  This piano will satisfy even the most discerning pianists and enthrall their listeners alike.  Includes a five-year warranty, two in-home tunings—a truly great world-class piano.

Only $18,900.



Diapason 6′ 0″ Ebony Polish Conservatory Grand

Built by Kawai, the word Diapason means “burst of sound,” which is what it does.  Rich Kawai sound with deep, thundering bass and singing treble, as well as renowned responsive action.  The perfect piano for the player who wants the Conservatory piano sound at a reasonable price.  Includes a five-year warranty and two in-home tunings.

Only $10,900 Sold!



Kawai KG-3C 6′ 1″ Ebony Satin Conservatory Grand

The KG-series of pianos were immensely popular for Kawai here in the U.S. and Canada. They were built in the main factory in Hamamatsu, Japan. The KG-series was re-branded to the RX-series, and those were also a big hit. The inevitable comparison to Yamaha pianos discloses that the Kawai gives more piano for the money and is widely considered comparable to quality and tone. They are normally two-inches longer for the same model in the line. For instance, the comparable model of Yamaha was only 5′-8″ in length.  This one plays beautifully and is in near-pristine condition.  A five-year warranty and two in-home tunings are included.

$9,800 Sold!

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