Spring Special Sale

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Spring Specials!


  Blowout prices on select pianos now through the end of March

Lauter 5′ 2″ Refurbished Walnut Baby Grand

Beautiful walnut wood grain and classic looks.  Built in Newark NJ, Lauter piano sales began in 1862 ended in 1966.

Sergei Rachmaninoff’s first records were made for Thomas Edison on the Lauter (those were acoustic recordings), as were those of the prominent French pianist E. Robert Schmitz and the titanic Moriz Rosenthal.  The New York Times in the 60’s opined that a selection of the Lauter-Humanas with serial numbers 30,000 through 50,000 was “the best regular upright player piano in America.”  This one plays as wonderfully as it looks, and has a full-bodied powerful sound.

Was $7900.  Now $5850.  🍀

Young Chang PG213 7′ Ebony Polish Semi-Concert Grand

A Joseph Pramberger Edition.

Was $14500.  Now $11500.  🍀

Baldwin Model F 7′ Ebony Satin Semi-Concert Grand

A truly superb piano for the player who wants a world-class instrument.

Was $21500.  Now $14500.  🍀

Schafer & Sons SS-53 5′ 3″ Ivory Polish Baby Grand

Stunning!  Beautiful sounding, beautiful playing.  Ivory color matches a surprising range of decor colors.

Was $6900.  Now $5500. 🍀

Steinway Model M 5′ 7″ Ebony Satin Grand

Probably the best grand in the world in this size option.

Was $25500.  Now $22000.  🍀

Wurlitzer C143 5′ 1″ Ebony Satin Baby Grand

A wonderful choice for a small space.  Classic satin finish.  Plays wonderfully, and has a very sweet tone.

Was $5800.  Now $4900.   Pending Sale*

Baldwin Model 2085 Oak Console

The perfect family and student piano.  Baldwin quality and durability, touch and tone.  You can’t go wrong with this one.    Three-year parts and labor warranty plus in-home tuning included.

Was $2500.  Now $1950.   🍀

Kimball 42″ Walnut Consolette

Beautiful, and excellent condition.  A great family piano and one that will be great for lessons for a child or young family member.


Was $1410.  Now only $600.  🍀

Kimball 41.5″ Walnut Console

Beautiful French Provincial Queen Ann walnut design.  A great piano for a budding piano student’s lessons or for a practice piano for a more advanced player.

Was $1500.  Now only $800.  🍀

Opus 48″ Plum Mahogany Polish Professional Upright

Stunningly beautiful plum color and plays like a dream.  Deep, rich tone characteristic of professional uprights and comparable to a baby grand due to similar string length.

Was $3900.  Now only $2900.  🍀

Sojin DW-1CA 42″ Red Mahogany Console


Was $2400.  Now only $1950.  🍀

Young Chang AF108 43″ Dark Cherry Satin Console

Beautiful queen ann design and great playability.  A wonderful piano for young hands and to support lessons.  Plays as nice as it looks.

Was $2900.  Now only $1900.  🍀

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