Piano Appraisals

Curious what your piano is worth?  We do appraisals!

We will do a thorough “market value” evaluation of your piano so you know it’s monetary worth for resale, insurance and estate issues.  We also will identify potential problems and necessary corrective actions to maximize all efforts.

Our appraisal is a complete “market value appraisal” meaning that you get three different dollar amounts documented:

1)    Retail Market Value: This is the amount the piano would sell for in a dealer’s showroom providing everything is showroom-ready both mechanically and aesthetically.  It is also the replacement value used for insurance purposes and for declaring the value of an item on IRS form 8283 in the event of loss or donation.

2)   Used Party Market Value:   This amount is what you would price it for on, for example, Craigslist or other advertising you may want to use to sell it in the used piano market.

3)   Wholesale Market Value: This amount is what a piano dealer would pay buying directly from you at “wholesale” so as to prep it for resale, and to sell with a dealer warranty.

We document everything on our letterhead for authenticity as being from a bona fide piano dealership. You receive two documents, one that has all three amounts for your personal use (not to show a potential buyer) and a second document that shows the “retail market value” that you can show the potential buyer that will enable you to begin sales negotiation at a higher justifiable price. If the potential buyer were to make an offer, you have all three values to consider as you negotiate and this will help you make a fair and wise counter offer that will lead to a mutually satisfying transaction.

Appraisal Cost

The cost is $95 for appraisals within the Denver-metro area.  Outside the metro area mileage charges will apply based on the appraisal address.

Want more information? 

E-mail Damon at damon@pianopathways.org or call 303-933-9390.



  1. i have a mason&Hamlin BB 7′ (#90572–one of the last before the burkett brothers in 1996 took over and changed out the german renner finger system for the newfangled wessel, nickel, cross carbon fiber system, among other high tech changes)…this single owner ebony satin piano has been regularly tuned here in edwards, colorado most recently by michael jackson of denver (who does a lot of Bravo Vail work as well).

    would this be of interest to you? it is in excellent condition and has a warm, big sonorously romantic voice.

    • Yes, we definitely are interested in pianos of this caliber, and appreciate the unique qualities of the Mason & Hamlin brand. If you are interested in exploring consigning this piano with us please call our office and ask for Ken.

  2. I have a Hardman Duo player piano. Is that something I could consign?

    • Hi Delin,

      Unfortunately we do not take player pianos that use paper rolls. These are a very old technology and lack many of the features that our player piano customers are looking for. Nevertheless, these pianos are of interest to some aficionados and for saloons, old hotels, etc. But you need to advertise nationally to get enough exposure for these. I suggest Ebay and Craigslist.

  3. Thanks very much for getting back with me…I appreciate the advice!

  4. I have a Kawai upright and was looking to trade for a small baby grand. Do you do trades?

    • Hello Lisa,

      Thank you for your question. If you purchased your Kawai from us you automatically qualify for a free trade up, in which you can apply 100% of what you paid toward the baby grand. If you purchased elsewhere you should check with that dealer to see if they have a trade-up policy. Some other dealers do, but unfortunately most do not. If that is the case we can take your Kawai on consignment and when it sells you would then have the funds from the sale to apply towards the baby grand.


  5. I have a Baldwin Spinet that is in great shape. Is this something your shop might be interested in?

    • Hi Dorothy,

      Yes, this could very well be a piano we would be interested in. The Baldwin spinets (esp. Acrosonic model) were one of the best spinet pianos ever made. I recommend you email us a few photos at pianosnpianos@gmail.com.

  6. I have an Estes baby grand piano in black with real ivory keys. Serial number is 17599. Would you be interested in consigning this?

    • I meant Estey.

      • Hi Crissie,

        This is very likely a piano we would be interested in taking on consignment, but this is very much dependent on your piano’s condition. Please look at our Sell Your Piano webpage on our website for instructions and steps for consigning your piano. The page is here.

  7. Jacqueline Thomas I have an antique upright for sale will take any offer need space its in good condition

    • Hi Jaqueline,

      Please call or office and talk to Ken or use the Sell Your Piano tab on our website if you would like us to sell it for you.

  8. Looking for appraisal of an imported Yamaha Upright Piano in “excellent” condition … Moving and no room for it. Want to sell at a fair price.

    • Please call our office to schedule an appraisal. 303-933-9390. Thanks.

  9. I have a Yamaha U3, H2818752 and am interested in selling. It is in great shape and has been here for 5 years after being professionally moved across the country. Is this something you would be interested in?

    • Hi Allison,
      We are always interested in the Yamaha U-series uprights–they are great pianos. That said, we would need to verify the piano’s condition and history. Please follow the steps listed on the Sell Your Piano tab of our website to proceed further.

  10. We have a Wm Knabe baby grand piano in Durango Co. Can you appraise close with photos?

    • Hi Julie, This is difficult, as the key element of an appraisal is determining the condition and playability of the piano. I could only do this working in conjunction with a technician in Durango who could answer my questions about the condition of the piano, preferably by phone while he/she is onsite and able to access the piano. I could also send the technician a checklist to fill out to evaluate the piano’s condition. With this information I could do a fairly accurate appraisal.

  11. I have a Crown Geo P Bent Orchestral Grand upright with 4 pedals built in 1949. I am interested in an appraisal but it needs reconditioning. Does it make sense to appraise before or after reconditioned?

    • Hi JoAnn,

      It would be best to have any reconditioning done first. That way I could verify the reconditioning, in particular what specific work was done, what parts replaced, etc., which is very important in assessing the current condition of the piano.

  12. I have a Baldwin upright that was purchased in 1983 by myself. The wood needs some refinishing due to it’s age. Are you interested in looking at it?

    • Could you send us photos? Our email is office@pianopathways.org. Do you know the model? Because Baldwin pianos
      are quality instruments we can often sell them even in less than perfect condition. Thank you.

      • I no longer have the piano since it took 9 weeks to reply.

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