Sell or Donate Your Piano

* Please Note: At this time, we have a full waiting list and cannot take any new consignments or donations. Please check back in a month for status of our inventory. 

**Additional Note: We always have a high interest in accepting the Yamaha brand for our consignment program.

How we sell your piano

When we take your piano on consignment, we establish an arrangement in which Piano Pathways acts as a skilled “piano adoption agency,” facilitating an agreement between the piano buyer and seller, ensuring that both parties are treated fairly.  Before we accept a piano for consignment our technicians verify that the piano is in good working order or can be corrected.  After acceptance, we correct non-cosmetic furniture and instrument problems, and may correct cosmetic issues if cost-effective to do so.

We provide all consignment pianos with a warranty (parts and labor) and, for most acoustic pianos, a free trade up within 10 years.

The fact that we inspect, clean, tune, correct, demonstrate, warranty and deliver every instrument provides extra value and peace of mind to our customers.  This enables us to find a buyer for your piano more quickly and at a better price than you would likely be able to do on your own.  In addition, we advertise consignment pianos on our website using professional quality photos and descriptions.  Our website gets hundreds of visits each day from people looking for quality used pianos.  And, of course, we are available every day of the week to show prospective buyers your piano.  All proceeds from the sale of  your piano go towards accomplishing our mission as a Colorado non-profit!

Consign or donate your piano – We find the “perfect home” that will treasure it!

Piano Pathways is the largest premier source in the Denver area for quality and affordable pre-owned pianos.

We carry a wide range of instruments, from starter pianos to intermediate mid-grade instruments, to near-new pianos.  Depending on current inventory, also have a wide range of piano sizes and types, from small spinet pianos to 9′ concert grand pianos, which all come in a variety of colors and finishes.

What do I have to do to consign or donate my piano?

The first step is to email* us some information about your piano.  You should include the history of the piano, if you know it.  This would include:

  • How long it has been in its current location and where it was before that if in its current location less than 10 years.
  • The piano’s brand and serial number (if you know or can find it).
  • The piano’s maintenance and repair history (i.e., when it was last tuned and/or repaired, any refurbishment done).
  • Digital photos of the piano that include the bench, along with close ups of the key tops, lid top, dampers, strings, and the soundboard, top and bottom.
  • Please also include your phone contact information.
  • If you would like to provide your information and upload your photos via our  ONLINE FORM (click here).

* Please note: The more information you can provide upfront the more likely you will receive a quick response. 

** Additional note: Unfortunately, we do not have any demand for the older Upright Cabinet Grands without refurbishing nor can we accept pianos without the original matching bench.  

We will follow up with a phone call or email letting you know if your piano is a candidate for consignment.  If it is, we will follow up by emailing or faxing you a consignment proposal that you can review.  It will discuss the minimum price and our consignment percentage fee (to cover overhead, marketing and maintenance costs).  If you agree, you’ll then sign and return the agreement to us at which point we will arrange to have your piano picked up and brought to our store.  Please note that this entire process can take 1 – 2 weeks.

*our email address is

Frequently asked questions

Visit our FAQ page here.



  1. Willl you pick up a piano in Colorado springs? I have a 10 year old (one owner) Bergmann console (perfect condition – no blemish’s.

    • Hello Brent!
      Yes, we pick up pianos in Colorado Springs. In order to arrange the consignment, please email ( or call us (303-933-9390) so we can learn a little more about your piano.
      Thank you!
      Pianos n’ Pianos

  2. Do you take pianos that are no longer wanted? My moving and would like to give it away.

  3. My mom had a stroke and cannot teach or play either of her pianos. She asked us to sell them forher. One is a baby grande? It’s antique or something it has real ivory keys? I don’t know anything about it other than it was recently appraised at $30,000. My work schedule won’t allow my to get pics until the 6th of January 2016.

  4. My mom has asked me to contact you to see if you would be interested in buying Kimball console with bench. Was bought about 15 from the piano guy who was located in Denver. It is very well taken care of and polished. Has been tuned over a yr ago. Am asking $1500. It is located in Denver at our church. Any interest please email…
    Thanks Patricia

    • Hello Patricia,
      We do not buy pianos outright, but we do take them on consignment and sell them for you. If you are interested in looking into this please look at the Sell Your Piano page on our website.

  5. How long does it take to hear back from you after the email and pictures have been sent.

    • We generally get back to you within 24 business hours. If you haven’t heard back from us by then it is possible that it has gotten filtered by our spam filter or lost among a myriad of other emails. We recommend you re-send it and mark it urgent. Thank you.

  6. Hi, we have a Baldwin piano that we would like to sell. Could you please give me a call so we can set something up.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Suzanne,
      Please see the directions under the heading “What do I have to do to consign my piano” on the Sell Your Piano page of the Pianos n’ Pianos website.

  7. I have an Ellington Piano, upright I need to sell. Serial number 16918.
    The finish is walnut, and is in great shape. Needs tuning and a bit of polish. My mom was the only person playing this piano.

    It’s been in the family for over 70 years.
    I am moving and have no need for the piano.
    Currently located in the basement, Denver, CO.

    • Hi Gary,

      Please call our office and talk with Michelle. She will get the necessary information from you and explain the process of consigning your piano.

  8. How long is your typical turn around? I’m about to send you the info.

    • Hi Whitney,

      Typical turn around is a week. We review our consignment requests once per week, usually Fridays, but sometimes on Tuesday, and that is when we respond with either a call or email letting you know of our interest and options (appraisal, donation, immediate consignment, etc.). If you are moving or for some other reason need to have your piano removed in a very short time frame call our office number and we will work with you to expedite the process.

  9. I mean once you take the piano when do I get the money for it? Do I have to wait for you to sell it and if so how long is the turn around-meaning how long do pianos usually take to sell from your shop?

    • You get the money after we sell your piano. The length of time to sell your piano depends on many factors. We will advise you about likely time frame to sell based on the price you set and the piano’s desirability in the current market. If you want your piano to sell quickly you would ordinarily have to price it aggressively low. But it is important to realize that certain factors can make a piano’s time to sell very uncertain. For example, an unpopular color, cabinet style or design often means that the piano will have to wait for the customer who is looking for that piano’s particular characteristics. Similarly, pianos priced over $20,000 have to wait for buyers who can afford and have the playing ability to need these high-performance pianos. There is always a demand for very affordable pianos, and these usually sell very quickly, typically within a month or two.

  10. I have a Starr Remington upright piano 1915-1930. My great-aunt who was born in 1902 bought it for her younger sisters to learn to play on. My grandmother was the youngest. My great-aunt always kept the piano and prized it greatly and kept it in top condition . She had the ivories replaced about 30 years ago. She passed away in 2000 at which time I inherited it. I paid to have it professionally moved (and checked-it was in perfect working order-didn’t need anything-Boggs Piano Service, Seneca,SC) from Spartanburg, SC to Mountain Rest, SC. It has been in my possession ever since.

    Mechanically it is in perfect order. The cabinet needs to be refinished and the finish is scuffed at the bottom right. So, the only thing that I know of that it needs is refinishing the cabinet.

    It has been in my family for a century and I am only the second owner. The only reason I am selling it is because my husband is on hospice. We still have a 12 yo at home. I will not be able to handle 4 farm acres and a 5 bedroom home as a single mother. I am not going to be able to keep it. I do want it to go to a home where it will continued to be cherished.

    • Hello Amanda,

      Sorry to hear about your situation and having to let your house and piano go. I am especially sad if your 12 yo wants to take lessons but now will not be able to.

      If your piano has truly been as well maintained as you describe it most likely has value, at least as someone’s “starter” piano. But are you still in PA? If so it most likely would not make sense to ship to Colorado to consign with us, and I would suggest you look for a local piano consignment seller or try to sell on Craigslist. If you are in Colorado, simply follow the steps on our “Sell Your Piano” page to consign with us.

  11. I’m interested in selling my piano on consignment! I would like to speak to a person! Do you have a phone number?

    • Yes. you can just call our main phone number which is 303-933-9390. Ask for Michelle or Ken. Or you can follow the steps given on the Sell Your Piano page of the website for consigning a piano.

  12. I am thinking about selling my piano. It is a spinner. Good condition. I haven’t played it in a while. I love it. It is over 30 years old. If you need me to I can try to send you a picture of it. I live in Westminster.

    • Hi Ruth,

      For a start you can send a photo of it to If you can also include a photo of the inside showing strings and tuning pins and info (if you know it) about when and where it was purchased, past care (tunings etc.). You can read about all the steps involved in consigning your piano on the Sell Your Piano page of our website.

  13. What is your fee for selling a piano?

    • Hi James,

      Our fee is a fraction of the price it sells for. The fraction and exact amount you will get will be specified in
      our consignment contract with you.


  14. I have an Wm. Knabe upright piano – the piano has been in my home for 20plus years – in the same location serial #62967

  15. I have a stained glass that came out of a very old piano made in Chicago. Are interested in purchasing the glass. It is in very fine condition. It could be used for restoration of piano or as a piece of stained glass art.

    • Hi Linda. Yes, many vintage pianos have beautiful stained glass and other artistic elements. Unfortunately there is not currently much of a market for restored pianos of these vintages. But fortunately there is a market for stained glass pieces that can be adapted for home decoration, etc. We do not buy such things, but I would expect that some antique shops and specialty shops would.

  16. My piano is at lest 20 years old but it is still in good condition. I would like to donate it to the 501c3. What do I need to do?

    • Please contact Michelle at 303-933-9390 and she will assist you with this. She handles our consignment and donation pianos.

  17. We would love to consign our piano to sell. I do have picture to share, it’s a beautiful brown baby grand. It tunes perfectly and sounds beautiful. We are downsizing and cannot take it with us.

    • Hi Dawn,

      Please contact Michelle at 303-933-9390 or Michelle is our office manager and is the person who handles consignment requests.

      Damon Ostrander

  18. Will you pick up a piano on Elliott and Baggett rd east of falcon, Colorado?

    • Hi Valerie,

      We take in pianos from anywhere in Colorado. But we cannot guarantee we would accept your piano for consignment. To have us consider your piano for consignment you should email several photos of your piano (should include inside and serial number, if possible) to Michelle at, along with any history you might have (tunings, repairs, previous locations).

      Thanks for inquiring with us.

      Damon Ostrander

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