New Styles!

Story & Clark and Steinway & Sons have a common American legacy:

1)  They were one of the “only two piano manufacturers” during World War II that supported the war effort by each allowing their factories to make parts and supplies for the needs of our military!

2)  To this day, they have maintained and continue to operate their original factories here in the U.S.  Steinway in Astoria, NY and Story & Clark in Seneca, PA.

3)  After the war, Story & Clark, due to their highly regarded reputation, quality production-line manufacturing, and affordability, became known as the “school and teacher’s workhorse piano.”  During the late 1940s through the early 1980s, Story & Clark pianos had widespread popularity in the U.S.

Here are some examples of Story & Clark’s Signature Series in Grands with (15) year parts and labor warranty coverage and (2) in-home tunings and service.


5′ 4″ Parlor Grand Piano Park West. Elegant cabinetry design in ebony high-gloss — ideal for  an entry way or living room!  Rich, full-bodied tone and responsive touch!  Call to find out our amazing  Low Price!


Story & Clark Signature Series Versailles 5′ 9″ Full Living Room “Queen Anne” satin cherry.

What a show piece along with its majestic “bell-tone” quality sound!    Call to here about our Special Discount!

Versailles (also available in antique white)


Story & Clark Signature Series Fairfax  5′ 9″ Parlor Grand in a spectacular “2-Tone Color Scheme”

A combination of Classic Ebony high-gloss and “African Rosewood Bubinga”!

This fits any decor!  Was $19,995   Call for our special discount price!


The Story & Clark Signature Series Imperial

A nostalgic Victorian  5′  baby grand in a rich maroon-mahogany satin adding charm and character in design for that special living room or family room!  Try to find an instrument with this kind of exquisite cabinetry and bell-tone quality sound!   $19,995  Call for our special discount price!

(click to enlarge)


The Cosmopolitan.  5′ 4″ Beautiful Velvet Ebony Satin Award Winning Contemporary Design!

This stunning baby grand with its remarkable touch and clarity of tone, although modern, is still very much “classic”!  All hinges and hardware is SILVER and the cast-iron plate inside is hand-rubbed and finished in GREY GUN!

The unique “cross-brace” design gives structural rigidity not found on other grand pianos!  The finish is a very painstaking process called “baked-on, sealed ebony satin” which allows fingerprints to be easily wiped off.  On standard “porous ebony satin finishes”, the oils of the skin get embedded into the finish which causes blotching and cannot be wiped off without removing lacquer.  How would this contemporary avant-garde award-winning art case enhance your room?  Don’t Miss Out On This Bargain!   Call Pianos n’ Pianos for our special discount price!

Chic and Avant-Garde Cosmopolitan


The Artist Provincial

Spectacular High Gloss Ribbon-Band Brown Mahogany! This Queen Anne design will never be outdated and always grace your living melodically and aesthetically.  High Gloss will always “seal in the stain” so you never have to worry about fading in natural light!   Call us–you won’t believe our Low Price!

Heritage Series Artist Provincial Queen Anne Styling


The Story & Clark Signature Series Melrose

“Old World Style” 5′ 4″ Parlor Grand Piano in high-gloss ebony!

A brilliant combination of old world European elegance with a contemporary flair.  Notice the “under lid of Bird’s-Eye Maple” for two-tone beauty!  Beautiful rich “Viennese” sound and the touch is the ultra-responsive and renowned German Renner action.    On sale–call now!


Wondering about the quality of Story & Clark pianos?  Read the “inside story” here.

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