Tax Deduction Pianos

PIANO PATHWAYS OF COLORADO IS A COLORADO NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION ALL ABOUT ENRICHING AND EDUCATING VIA PIANO LESSONS UNDERPRIVILEGED KIDS ‘ONE CHILD AT A TIME’! Our mission is to bring music education, positive influence, and encouragement by learning to play piano into the homes and lives of our children, teens, adults, and seniors who are unable to afford piano lessons. We want to make available, for that ‘one’ person, whether their need is financial, emotional, or social, a chance to take piano lessons in a safe, structured and supportive educational environment. As one of several incentives, those who apply themselves and demonstrate ability, character, determination, and desire, will be eligible for ongoing classes and piano practice.  Poverty, neglect, abuse, abandonment, and depression can destroy a child’s dream for life!

Every year PBS features gifted young concert pianists performing at Carnegie Hall on Steinway concert grand pianos between the ages of 10-17 years old! Will Colorado’s under-privileged and abused children ever have this opportunity to pursue? Unless we build a bridge and provide a pathway–they never will!

When you purchase one of our “Tax-Deduction” instruments, you help sponsor a child for an opportunity to start piano lessons, as well as receiving a tax deduction for this year through our 501(C)3!


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