Larger Grands

Conservatory, Semi-Concert and Concert Grand Specials

These are at least 6′ or larger grand pianos appropriate for stage use: churches, theaters, auditoriums, schools and universities, concert venues*, and large living rooms!

* Pianos n’ Pianos has a rental program to provide stage pianos for special events.

Baldwin Model L 6′ 3″ Ebony Satin

Made in 1957 during the peak years of the Baldwin Piano Co., this has the touch and sound piano aficionados seek out.  The Baldwin model L is based on a amazing scale design offering a rich tone and bass for a piano of its size.

The complex “American sound” and American craftsmanship that was the envy of the world.  Come see and play this marvelous instrument.  Includes 5-year warranty, two in-home tunings.  $12,800.

136027-Baldwin L 6-3 ES



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