Larger Grands

Conservatory, Semi-Concert and Concert Grand Specials

These are at least 6′ or larger grand pianos appropriate for stage use: churches, theaters, auditoriums, schools and universities, concert venues*, and large living rooms!
* Pianos n’ Pianos has a rental program to provide stage pianos for special events.

Young Chang 7′ Joseph Pramberger Series in Ebony Polish

Incredible concert Sound!  Steinway’s engineer Joseph Pramberger for 25 years designed and oversaw the production of this masterpiece for Young Chang. 

The Pramberger legacy began over 225 years ago with the birth of Joseph Johann Pramberger in Tyrol, Austria in 1779.  Joseph learned the skills of woodworking and at a very young age in Vienna during an era in history where every aspect of creating a piano was an art of learned skill and personal craftsmanship which led him to become a Master Artisan in Europe and Steinway’s Master Grand Piano Engineer and Designer!    

$45,995   A One Only SPECIAL DISCOUNT of $16,500!

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The ultimate affordable home or stage performance grand piano!



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