Restored Digital Player Uprights

Vintage Upright Specials!

McPhail 1889 Antique Upright

Completely restored by ANTĔQUE Piano Co. of Denver with QRS Pianomation® CD2000c Player System, Custom Stained Glass with Background Lighting!   Amazing capabilities!      $14,995 A “One-Only” Special Price of $10,500!

Magnificant Grand Piano Sound and Responsive Touch!

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Check out these features:

  • Original ivory keys
  • New bass strings, all new hammers, pins and dampers
  • Plays  songs from CD, DVD, or MIDI input (computer, sequencer, etc.)
  • DVD Sync – can synchronize the piano with performance DVDs by Elton John, Yanni,  John Tesh, Billy Joel, Diana Krawl, Nora Jones, Phantom of the Opera, and others.
  • Includes multi-CD/DVD player
  • Synchronizes with video piano lessons
  • Karaoke
  • Includes library of 400 songs
  • Stained glass front with interior dancing lights
  • Dark red mahogany
  • Internal speakers
  • Can integrate with your home entertainment system for spectacular video and sound


A Rare Find

Harrington 55″ antique upright player piano.

Stained glass, tiger oak.  $1,995 Now $1,200!

Marantz digital player system with lots of tapes included.

Warranty coverage, in-home tuning and service included.

Harrington Antique Player Upright

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