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Pramberger 4′ 11″ Ebony Polish QRS Pianomation II Player Grand Sold!

This player system is controllable with a smartphone or iPod via Wi-Fi and includes audio accompaniment.  Select songs by genre, artist, song, or album.  Have Frank Sinatra, Andres Boccelli, or Elton John singing with band or orchestra and your piano accompanying.   Visit us for a demo to appreciate how cool and fun this piano/player system is.

Click here for more information about QRS Pianomation II.  Also, check out this demonstration!

P.S.  You can record yourself, your children, or your favorite piano player and create a library of “audio files” to archive and keep as a precious heirloom!

Only $8,500. SOLD!

Bergmann TG150 Mahogany Polish Grand with New, Upgraded Player

TG0007957-Bergmann TG-150 5-0 RMP (1)

Beautiful! And wonderful to play.  New WIFI player system hooks up to your smart phone! Five-year (parts and labor) warranty on piano, 1-year warranty on the player.  

Outstanding Price!! Only $10,000 with a new player system!

Samick SIG-50PD 5′ High Gloss Red Mahogany PianoDisc Player Grand

Beautiful and in excellent condition.  Includes 5-year parts and labor warranty plus in-home tuning and free 10-year trade-up. There is a one-year warranty on the player system.  Also includes remote and 9 PianoDisc CDs of the piano with orchestral, band, or vocal accompaniment.

Now only $6,500. Sold!

Cline By Young Chang Dark Walnut Polish Grand W/ Player

YG0127941-Cline CG-49 4-9 WP 2
Only $8000!

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