Financing Specials

We offer 0% for 15 months available on all pianos through Chase Bank.


Piano Pathways is the exclusive piano dealer in Colorado offering this financing.

“0% Financing” is different than “Same As Cash Financing!”

How is it different?  What is “same as cash financing?”

  1. At the end of the same as cash financing term, any unpaid balance results in a pre-payment penalty!  You are required to pay all the interest from “day one” on the entire loan retroactively from the very beginning of the loan at 21.99%.
  2. A minimum monthly payment is required during the “same as cash” term.

What is 0% interest financing?

  1. There is no required monthly payment during the 0% term.
  2. When the 15-month term ends, there is no pre-payment penalty and no retroactive interest on outstanding balances.  You simply pay off the unpaid balance or continue making monthly payments, paying interest on the unpaid balance at 13.99% APR, once again–no pre-payment penalty.
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