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We at Pianos n’ Pianos realize that starter pianos at start-up budgets need to be available for many individuals and families in today’s economy. However, we also feature a selection of top of the line pianos, in terms of: power, dynamics, tone clarity, performance, resilient touch-response, and superior workmanship in cabinetry and construction, at very affordable prices.

Our selection includes Starter, Intermediate, Near New, Hand Crafted, and Brand New Pianos. Each category offers affordability, and the ideal solution to enhance your skill level and décor, as well as providing a solid musical investment for your family. Because we are small and family-owned, we do not have to pay high overhead or sales commissions on our merchandise. Those savings are passed on to you as added discounts.

We recommend you shop other stores before visiting us.  This will save you time and gas.  Many people visit us first, then shop around only to come back when they discover that our prices truly are the best in town.

Exclusive Amenities

  • A Full 10-year Trade-Up Allowing You 100% of Your Original Purchase Price Toward Your New Purchase, Should You Decide to Upgrade
  • Lesson Programs For All Ages. Hands-On Training Programs Available, to Learn the Benefits Concerning Your New Purchase
  • Piano and Digital Keyboard Rental Programs with Option to Buy. In-Store, Lay-Away, and/or Monthly Storage Available in our Climate Controlled Warehouse
  • Low-Monthly Financing Terms, Same As Cash – No Interest Programs Up to 15 Months
  • Tuning and Technical Expertise Available For In-Home Service, Including Installation of New Digital Player Systems to Fit Your Piano
  • 30-Day Low Price Protection On All Purchases at Pianos n’ Pianos

Vertical Piano Selection:

Category A
Pre-owned Starter Instruments. These pianos are referred to as “interim” solutions. You should consider upgrading within 5 – 10 years. As you develop musically, a higher quality instrument will increase you skill level, touch, expression, and tone perception. If the student is showing quicker progress, you will want to upgrade as soon as possible.
Price Ranges $795 – $1295

Note: You will find our 10-year full trade-up policy particularly helpful here.  When you upgrade to the higher-quality piano we apply the full original purchase price to the purchase of the higher-quality instrument.

Category B
Intermediate Mid-Grade Instruments. These pianos can service you for 15 -20 years, before upgrading. As you achieve an intermediate level of skill, investing in a newer or higher quality instrument will always inspire and enhance your playing ability. Aesthetics is always a consideration for upgrading, simply because a piano is a piece of furniture that should be the focal center of the room.
Price Ranges $1295 – $1895

Category C
Near-New Instruments. This type of newer piano can service you for up to 30 years on the lower price end, and up to 50 years on the higher-end, depending on the particular instrument. In this category, you can find ebony and/or mahogany high gloss finishes.
Price Ranges $1989 – $2989

Category D
Handmade/Hand-Crafted Instruments. Investing in quality is always a wise investment, and it lasts a lifetime. There are solid-wood handmade pianos that have lasted over 100 years! The tone of a quality handmade piano improves with age, like fine vintage wine. A handmade/handcrafted piano is like a fine piece of art; and will always appreciate in value.
Price Ranges $2995 on up

Category E
Brand-New Instruments. New pianos will service you 65 + years before refurbishing the instrument would become necessary. At Pianos n’ Pianos, you always receive a “Maintenance Sheet” describing tuning schedules and proper care, so your investment is protected and your piano continues to increase in value.


Grand Piano Selection:

  • Pre-Owned and Consignment Baby Grands, starting under $2000
  • Brand New Baby Grands starting at $5000
  • New Digital – Player Grands and Verticals available at unbeatable prices
  • A selection of New and Pre-Owned Living Room Size Grand Pianos, and Full – Conservatory Grand Pianos are also available at unbeatable prices.

Selection and availability based on prior sales. All sales are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Prices are subject to change based on Special Manufacturer Promotions and Availability.


Pianos n’ Pianos accepts personal checks, as well as, all major credit cards, cash, and PayPal.  We also have 0% for 15 months w.a.c.   We can often also split a purchase into two or three monthly payments “in-store”, a service we provide for our customers.

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