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(these are just a few samples–we have a much larger selection to choose from)


Steinway Model M Ebony Satin 5’7″ Baby Grand Piano with Artistry Bench.


346769-Steinway M plate


Wyman WG160 Ebony Polish 5’3″ Baby Grand

Wyman Piano Company is a well established piano venture created by experienced former Baldwin executives with more than 60 years combined piano industry experience.  Wyman instruments feature proprietary cabinet designs, including classic grand piano styling. All Wyman models are based on proven German scale designs, and are manufactured in Wyman’s state-of-the-art factory in China.

The Wyman factory has produced pianos since 1949, and now has an annual output that exceeds 50,000 pianos per year.

Now only $7,500.

Knabe Grand 5′ 2″ Waterfall Mahogany!

This beautiful “Solid-Wood and 100% Hand-Made” living room grand plays and sounds magnificently!  Glowing walnut finish with flowing grain will complement and add that special “touch of class” to your living room or great room.  Comes with a (5) year warranty and in-home tuning!


Was $8,595! Now $3,799!


D.H. Baldwin C152 5′ Oak Baby Grand

You can’t beat a Baldwin for quality of workmanship and musical quality.  This one has a slightly “dark” tone preferred by most Classically trained artists and is in excellent condition.

Baldwin Pianos are a musical legacy that for over a century continues to live on. Each piano that carries the name Baldwin, is a piece of that legacy which has contributed to American piano history and manufacturing.

Now $4,425!

Wurlitzer Red Mahogany Polish 4′ 8″ Petite Grand

Beautiful glowing mahogany wood grain.  Perfect for that location that needs a very small grand.  A pleasure to play and to listen to.  Includes 3-year parts and labor warranty, in-home tuning and 10-year free trade-up.

Only $5500 SOLD!

Tokai G155  5′ 2″ Plum Polish Grand

Stunning color and wood grain.  Tokai pianos are a popular choice for students, home enthusiasts and professional musicians alike.  Made in Hamamatsu, Japan, at one time the third largest and leading musical instrument manufacturing company in Japan.  An excellent choice as a student piano.  Includes 5-year parts and labor warranty, in-home tuning, and 10-year free trade-up.

Now only $4,500.

Petrof P159 5′ 2″ Ebony Polish Grand

PETROF is currently the largest producer of acoustic grand and upright pianos in Europe.  It trades in 5 continents and exports to over 65 countries the world over. Petrof pianos are popular among musicians above all for their unusually soft, gentle, rounded and romantic tone.  Petrof pianos are manufactured in the Czech Republic, and are widely considered a premium-quality piano.

Now $7500. SOLD!

₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪


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