Starter Pianos

What is a Starter Piano?

At Pianos n’ Pianos, a “starter” piano is a piano that takes a minimum investment yet mechanically suitable for beginners, as well as, all levels of skill-set.  All of our starter pianos are warranted (parts and labor) AND come with an in-home tuning.  Pianos n’ Pianos 10-year trade up policy gives you 100% “Full Value” of your original price should you decide to upgrade!  Our starter pianos have been checked over by our technicians and are very sound in tuning stability and key-and-action response for playing, practicing, and developing musicianship skills for both children and adults.  Our criterion does not focus on “birth age” BUT “mechanical age!”  When you buy a NEW piano, you have 65 – 70 years of mechanical life for normal “home use” before you may refurbish hammers, dampers, strings, etc.  If a piano was manufactured 40 years ago and has only been played “one-half” (20 yrs) of that time, you still have 40 + years of mechanical life remaining–that’s two generations!  All of our pianos have guaranteed tuning-stability.  While most starter pianos will serve for several decades, most people will want to trade up their piano (using our 10-year trade up program) as their skill-level improves.

Some of the pianos currently on sale

Great pianos - great prices!

Kohler & Campbell Cherry Early American Console


Very attractive Early American “New Yorker” cabinet with rich reddish cherry tones.  Includes warranty and in-home tuning.  Pleasing sound, pleasing to play.  Includes matching bench as shown.

Just reduced from $1200.  Now only $895.


Story & Clark Dark Cherry Console

(click to enlarge)

Very clean and nice 42″ Story & Clark console.  Attractively upholstered bench.  Light, responsive key touch.

Only $895.


Kranich & Bach Walnut Console

(click to enlarge)

Classic design and and walnut color.  Kranich and Bach is a highly respected name in high-quality pianos.  Includes matching bench, in-home tuning and warranty.

Was $1895.  Now $1395!


Whitney Red Mahogany Spinet Piano

(click to enlarge)

Made by Kimball.  Very rich red mahogany color,  at home among Early American living room decor.  Equally pleasant sound and playability.  35″ height makes it possible to place under a window or backed by a stair railing.

Was $1400.  Now $895.


Hampton Cherry Spinet Piano

(click to enlarge)

Simple straight lines and light cherry finish.  With matching bench.  Parts and labor warranty and an in-home tuning included.  Only $1095!


Hyundai 6′ Ivory Parlor Grand

Ivory blends with almost any decor!  And the power and richness that only a 6′ grand can provide!  A real bargain.  Was $7900, now $5200!


Visit or call our store for latest deals

We expect our inventory to change quickly because of this sale and we may be unable to keep our website updated with the latest bargains and sold items.  For details about pianos included in this sale call or visit our store (view our contact information here).

But that’s not all!  We always have specials on a wide variety of brands and types of pianos.





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