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Special of the Month

Kawai GS-70 7′ 5″ Semi-concert grand in ebony polish

It took some time and considerable effort but we’ve again found a deal more than worthy of our SOM.

Just reduced from $18,000 to $9995!  Unbelievable!  Kawai made-in-Japan quality.  We challenge anyone to find a piano in this class and condition for under $10,000.

Includes matching bench, a five-year warranty, and an in-home tuning.


Only $9995

Other great deals

Sohmer 1884 6’4″ Hand-Carved Brazilian Rosewood Grand Piano

An Amazing Heirloom!  Amazing craftsmanship in this 1884 vintage piano that plays and sounds better than most pianos made today.  Own a piece of history!  Built the year the Washington Monument was completed and the foundation for the Statue of Liberty!

Sohmer 1884 6' 4

See detailed images of this “Original Antique Hand-Made” piano here.

Stunning original and hand-carved cherry.  Original sale price $19,995, then marked down to $12,650.  Now discounted OVER 50% to $4900!                                                                  YES – only $4900!


Here are just a few samples of additional current specials – but our full in-store sale selection is much larger than shown here!

Additional Current Specials


Bush & Lane 6′ 6″ Ebony Satin Grand

Want big piano sound on a baby grand budget?  This is it!

Bush & Lane made great pianos in the early 1900s, and produced some of the highest grade pianos of the time.   This one made in 1927, when some of the best pianos ever were made.  Original ivory key tops.  Must see and play.


Price slashed 50% from $8,995 to only $6500!   Unbelievable!


Ridgewood 44″ Cherry Polish Two-Tone

Beautiful two tone–light and dark cherry make this piano really stand out.  Its 44″ size make this essentially a studio piano size and bass string length, and give it a deep rich tone equivalent to that of a baby grand piano.  Regular Sale Price $3,495

(click to enlarge)

Now Clearance priced at $2500!  “A real deal for a real deal.”  Includes in-home tuning and 5-year warranty.


Baldwin 4′ 7″ Walnut Petite Grand

D. H. Baldwin almost new piano, big piano appearance but very compact–perfect for a small space.  Classic furniture design.  Includes 3-year warranty, $5,995.

(click to enlarge)

  On Special Only $4,500!


Monarch 4′ 7″ Dark Walnut Petite Grand

Need a grand piano for a very small space?  This little petite grand goes extremely well with wood decor, and with the bonus that it plays very nicely and has a lovely tone.  Made in America by Baldwin.  At this price UNBELIEVABLE!  Fully Inspected includes a 1-year warranty and in-home tuning.  Regular Sale Priced $2,995

224025-Monarch 4-7 Walnut



Kohler & Campbell 47″ Oak Console

Reddish oak with stunning grain. Deep, rich tone.


Originally listed at $3695.  Sale special $1800!


Ridgewood Plum Cherry Polish Console

This beautiful 44″ console piano could be that perfect anniversary or birthday gift. Beautiful wood grain and “Euro” European style design.  2-year warranty and matching bench.


On Special, Only $2500!   SOLD


Kawai 45″ Ebony Satin Studio Piano

Kawai K-200 model.  For the serious player who wants a very responsive action and rich studio piano tone.  And the ruggedness of the studio design is a plus.  A superb teachers’ piano.  5-year warranty.


On special, only $3500.


Boston 46″ Honey Oak Studio Upright

Boston (by Steinway) high-performance upright piano.  Long music desk suitable for professional use.  Very rugged and simple braced leg design.  A teacher’s delight.

(click to enlarge)

On special, only $4500.


Kawai and Yamaha Pianos

We also have great prices on a large selection of Yamaha and Kawai pianos! Contact us or visit our store to find out more about our inventory of these great pianos.

₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪


 Teachers Specials!

Samick SU108 Walnut Satin 43″ Console

This piano has German scale design by renowned piano designer Klaus Fenner. Very smooth, consistent touch.  Beautiful tone. Five-year warranty.


Originally sale priced at $3595.  FALL SPECIAL $1500!



This Special Deals page is where we post our special sale and bargain items. From time to time, we have special sales in which the markdowns are too numerous to post, so come in to the store to see the full inventory of sale items or call if you are looking for a specific type of piano. If you let us know what you are looking for, we are also happy to notify you when items that may be of interest to you arrive or have price reductions.