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Music is what’s known (most have heard) as the “universal language”!  Music and musical instruments have always been symbolic in expressing the thoughts and feelings of mankind.  A journey by which we are able to communicate rhythmic and melodic interpretations to one another, identifying our convictions, emotions, and passions. 

Music can provoke a sensitive memory, reflecting a happy or sad reminder of past events, and, as it possesses this subliminal cleansing power, emotions are stirred and meaningful results can follow.    Music often stimulates an energy that reaches deep down the innermost recesses of our hearts, sparked by a dynamic thundrous expression of  chords on a piano or just a soothing haunting melody by the master violinist.  Music enchants the ethos of mankind and the world we live in!

Think of it, by playing music on the piano, you can express yourself in a way that makes you realize you are unique–and you can be creative with a resonance you never thought possible!  You don’t have to be, nor should you strive to be a budding prodigy, not at all!  All you need to do is play for your own personal enjoyment at music’s simplest level.  This can provide a stress-relieving dimension to your life evoking positive and pleasant feelings for you and those around you as you achieve and develop into each new plateau of this “universal language”. 

 Music can be a soothing balm, which refreshes the soul and often helps to soften harsh anxieties.  Learning to play music offers a therapeutic refuge from the stress and demanding challenges of our lives, as well as, massaging the mind and relaxing the brain .

Why not consider making music a real part of your life?  Dare to embark upon this wonderful new exciting  journey.  Not only will you be enlightened as you learn the fundamentals, but we can help you be equipped with the tools, the environment, and the professional instruction to begin enjoying its benefits! 

Consider investing a small part of your time and energy in this rewarding experience -you won’t regret it! 

Road Rage vs. Adagio

I read somewhere that “road rage is part of human nature”.   If that’s true, that means human nature begets rage and violence – you think?  Au contraire – violence begets violence!  Webster defines road rage as:  a motorist’s uncontrolled anger that is usually provoked by another motorist’s irritating act and is expressed in aggressive or violent behavior!”   AAA Motorist Org. reports aggressive driving contributes to over 50% of all traffic fatalities.  Watching 20/20’s “Losing It”, the other night, showed how automobile drivers, losing their patience and reacting with uncontrollable violence toward other drivers that abuse road etiquette, seems to be ok.  In front of their spouses, in front of their children, justifying their vengeance by flipping someone off, cursing, and even resorting to physical violence, what does it prove?


Academia teaches that there are two sides to one’s ego.  One side that governs thoughts and action rationally, the other, irrationally otherwise referred to, as the “alter ego”.  Its root meaning (alter ego) comes from the Latin defined as the “second self” or the “second I” and/or “counterpart” i.e. the opposite side of one’s personality or good character!  The true self can be forgiving and has possibilities to be creative with good intentions and respond to impossible situations with integrity and self-control.  Allowing the counterpart to rule your actions has a dark side and carries consequences that can be hurtful to you and others you love.  


In music, the command “Adagio” is an Italian expression for how a classical passage or entire section is to be performed.  It literally means “at ease”, to be played “slowly and gracefully”, not rushed nor harshly, but applied with patience!  Learning to play the piano and/or any musical instrument for that matter, instills patience while overcoming the hurdles of responding with precision the commands of a written piece.  Music has power to stir up emotions within us, as well as, condition us both mentally and physically to respond to a set stimuli based on rhythmic pulsations, dynamics of sound, soothing melodies, and lyrics that convey a message.  An “adagio” musical performance expresses beautiful and peaceful atmospheric pictures as we listen.  One of my favorites is the Adagio from “Songs From A Secret Garden”!

When driving a vehicle can we exemplify an adagio atmosphere of calmness and patience?  Being calm and patiently overcoming the shortcomings and ludicrous maneuvers of others on the road even when we are wronged, might save un-needed trauma and drama.  Isn’t this what we were taught by our parents, i.e., “don’t stoop down to their level because it makes you no better!”  Can we be “slow to anger”, “show grace” and “be patient” when provoked.  It doesn’t mean we are weak, but conversely, strong in self-control!  This can be a mighty testimony and example to our spouses, children, and others.  Showing a hand gesture of “thanks” when someone allows us to have right of way is what we want our children to witness.  It can also be contagious for our fellow commuters to embrace.  Imagine – spreading professional courtesy and kindness on the highways and byways.  We, as drivers on the road, have the power in making that choice to conduct this “adagio” portion of our very own symphony, a masterpiece that other’s need to witness and hear!   

A Pet’s Aura

In recent years, one of society’s mantras applied to politicians, government agencies and the business world, is this buzzword “transparency.”  Webster, and other sources, define this word as:  a)  Visible and easily seen through, recognized or detected, and my personal favorite, b)  having the property or quality of reflecting rays of light shining from behind and shining forward beyond!

A while back my wife and I had our little poodle “Remi” put to sleep due to health problems.  This word transparency is very applicable to her.  Something startled me during our grieving phase, it was that Remi had prompted a “reciprocal transparency.”  I truly believe that as individuals become transparent with one another, our surroundings, and most importantly, with the amazing Creator of our universe, an inner cleansing, a catharsis of our mind, soul, body and spirit enlightens every fiber of our being!  A silent and sometimes vocal mutual communication between people we know and love, pets, nature’s beauty and the Divine, brings out the best within the depths of our heart.  When that joy, love and energy which prompts this amazing transparency within us is gone – a tremendous VOID engulfs us and heartbreak and heartache surfaces as we miss reciprocating that transparency.  When a pet’s unconditional love, that reflective beacon of light is no longer, that joyous warm comforting light within us that was dedicated to that, who was so special, is no longer evoked.  We miss Remi’s aura and non-intimidating transparency which communicated a bubbling effervescent feeling of being needed within my wife and I, thus, making us feel young and buoyant again!

The animal hospital gave us a little round plaque with Remi’s paw-print to remember her by – a memoir of her unique ray of light shining forward to be captured at the right moment and stored away in a treasure chest amongst many others within the chambers of our heart.  Those happy memories that we all delight in – even if its but for a moment! Transparency.  May we all continue to reflect those special qualities, that is, our unique ray of light glowing throughout life’s journey.  May we all strive to leave an indelible footprint “shining forward beyond” to those we cherish.  May we all ask ourselves, “how do we want to be remembered by?”



  1. I’m delighted to be the first to reply to your first blog post. Well said, Ken. I’m looking forward to learning from and being inspired by your posts in the future. Keep ’em coming!

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