New Arrivals

Pianos that have arrived within the last 60 days.  Very often when pianos arrive, those that are high demand models or have very desirable qualities sell to walk-in buyers before we have an opportunity to make our customers aware, and often before we are able to post them on this site.   That is why we added this page: to allow everyone to become aware of these opportunities in a timely fashion.

At the time of posting we often we have not fully inspected, cleaned, tuned, or established pricing on these pianos.  Call or visit to find out our great discount pricing on these pianos.


Baldwin Acrosonic 42″ Pecan Console

Story & Clark 40″ Pecan Console


Young Chang G-185 Ebony Satin 6′ 1″ Grand



Samick JS-121 Ebony Polish 48″ Professional Upright


Young Chang G-150 4′ 11″ Ebony Polish Petite Grand

Wurlitzer 4’8″ Red Mahogany Polish


George Steck 5′ 0″ Ebony Polish Baby Grand

Schafer & Sons 5′ 1″ High Gloss Walnut Baby Grand

Weber WG-60 6′ 1″ Ebony Polish Grand

Kawai BL-31 Special 49″ Ebony Polish Professional Upright

Young Chang E-131 52″ Dark Red Polish Professional Upright


Hobart M. Cable 47″ Studio Piano

(click to enlarge image)


Young Chang G150 5′ 11″ Parlor Grand

Remington RG-157 5′ 2″ Baby Grand

Kohler & Campbell 5′ 9″ Ebony Polish Grand

Want bigger sound than a baby grand can deliver.  This is it.  Like new, excellent condition.  Sweet sound.

(click to enlarge image)

Baldwin Acrosonic

(click to enlarge)

Yamaha U1 (MX1) 48″ Walnut Professional Upright

Includes Yamaha Disklavier player system.  Probably the most sought-after model of Yamaha vertical.

(click to enlarge)

Schafer & Sons 42″ Rosewood High Gloss Console Piano

Stunning wood grain, “Euro” style console.  Plays wonderfully.

Samick Dark Red Mahogany Polish Petite Grand

Beautiful 4′ 11″ grand with grain that virtually glows under deep red high-gloss finish.  Great piano for small spaces where a grand is desired.

(click to enlarge)

Remington (Pramberger) RV-43 Cherry Console

Beautiful Queen Ann cherry.  43″ tall and ready for a caring home.


Notes about recent arrivals

We receive a number of pianos each week.  If you are looking for something particular (playing characteristics, sound, size, color, etc.) you can use our new Notify Me feature to let us know what you are seeking and we will add you to our “lookout” list to be contacted when something that matches your desired characteristics arrives.



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