New Arrivals

Pianos that have arrived within the last 60 days.  Very often when pianos arrive, those that are high demand models or have very desirable qualities sell to walk-in buyers before we have an opportunity to make our customers aware, and often before we are able to post them on this site.   That is why we added this page: to allow everyone to become aware of these opportunities in a timely fashion.

At the time of posting we often we have not fully inspected, cleaned, tuned, or established pricing on these pianos.  Call or visit to find out our great discount pricing on these pianos.

Baldwin Model F 7′ Semi-Concert Grand

Tadashi T500 6′ 1″ Oak Conservatory Grand

Astin-Weight 42″ Console with Hand-Rubbed Walnut finish

A truly unique American-made piano.  Made in Salt Lake City, UT and one of the few piano brands still made in America. The patented Astin-Weight soundboard covers the entire rear surface of the piano, giving the piano a very rich tone that will even show-up some grand pianos!  Very rugged and high manufacture quality.  The hand-rubbed oiled finish gives it a unique and quality appearance.  You have to see and play this piano to truly appreciate it.  Five-year warranty and in-home tuning included. Wide music desk and ruggedness make this an ideal teaching piano.

Piano-8 (1)

Kemble 46″ Red Half-Sawn Mahogany Studio

Notes about recent arrivals

We receive a number of pianos each week.  If you are looking for something particular (playing characteristics, sound, size, color, etc.) you can use our new Notify Me feature to let us know what you are seeking and we will add you to our “lookout” list to be contacted when something that matches your desired characteristics arrives.

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