Traditional Piano Lessons

Level 01 Class

Traditional Piano Lessons

An overview of Unique Technique’s high-impact 8 week course:

  • A complete understanding of the 88-note keyboard and its structure, notes, fingering, accidentals, octaves, musical alphabet, scale degrees, etc.
  • Left-hand chord structure and standard chord progressions, major, minor, augmented, and diminished triads, 7th chords, chord inversions, and broken-chord arpeggios
  • Right-hand melody, eye-to-finger contact, dexterity exercises, two-hand unisons, intervals and added 2-part harmony for the melody, finger cross-over/under, etc.
  • Major and minor scales, key signatures, time signatures, measures, treble and bass staff, lines and spaces, note values and dotted notes, rhythmic notation and counting tempo, slurs and ties, rests, repeats and endings, expression marks and sustaining, etc…
  • Chord symbol and Roman numeral notation and its application to all genres of music, diatonic and enharmonic notes and phrases, and an introduction to composition/song writing
  • Learning to play 16 new songs with accompaniment styles of classical, new age, rock, techno, country, folk, hip hop, jazz, big band and others!

If you do not have some type of piano or digital keyboard to practice with at home, Pianos n’ Pianos will have a selection of instruments available for an 8-week rental at affordable rates!

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