Teacher Spotlight

In the spotlight: Pianos n’ Pianos’ Irina Manasyan.

Fall 2015

Irina ManasyanPianos n’  Pianos is pleased to announce a wonderful new addition to our piano teacher roster, Irina Manasyan.

Irina Manasyan has a degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy and 39 years of successful teaching experience in classical piano performance and theory with children and adults. Irina is an accomplished pianist and accompanist.  She has been featured in numerous solo piano performances and also performed with various chamber orchestras in U.S., Russia and Armenia.  Ms. Manasyan is trilingual, fluently speaking English, Russian and Armenian.Irina's Pic1

Irina Manasyan offers a coordinated approach to piano instruction for novice and intermediate students as well as systematic professional training for advanced students and adults.  Her teaching practice is based on a synthesis of methods of world-renowned piano schools.

Some of Irina’s favorite composers are Chopin, Katchaturian, and Mozart; however Irina teaches whatever the student wants to play, including very contemporary composers, so that student enjoyment is maximized.

Ms. Manasyan is an active member of MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) and provides access to opportunities for Irina's Pic2annual performances in competitions and festivals.  Irina’s students receive a comprehensive music education–both piano performance and theory.  Her students have consistently been annual prize winners at Carnegie Hall competitions as well as University and Performance Arts across Pennsylvania. In addition, her students participated in a Certificate of Merit Program, which was and is sponsored by Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). This valuable program evaluates a student’s progress and skill in performance, ear training, sight reading and written theory.



In the spotlight: Pianos n’ Pianos’ Penny Moeller.

Spring 2014

Penny is a highly qualified and gifted teacher who gives private lessons to children and adults at Pianos n’ Pianos.   Penny has a B.A. in Music Theory from CU Boulder, and has an M.A. in Psychology from Antioch University.  Her psychology degree explains why she is uncommonly adept at working with very young children. Penny holds certification in Creative Arts Therapy from the Creative Arts Therapy Institute Orff Schulwerk Workshops.

In addition to teaching, Penny has performed as a pianist and accompanist with a number of Denver area theater and ballet  organizations, including the Eden Theatrical Institute the Council for Self Development, the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance School, and Ballet Arts.  Penny also plays regularly for churches.

Penny also composes and arranges, and participates in numerous piano teacher workshops, continuously honing her skills.

Penny is active in the music instruction community.  She is Secretary for the South Suburban Music Teachers Association (SSMTA) and member of both the Colorado State Music Teachers Association (CSMTA) and the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)

Penny is a Colorado native,  born in Denver.  Penny says music was very important to her Dad, and she inherited her love of music from him.  Penny started teaching while in college as a practice teacher for two sisters.   Penny realized that she had a gift for teaching when the sisters’ mother happily reported that the sisters  were doing much better at their lessons.

Penny has also used her psychology degree, working in the human services field at an adoption agency.  Penny went on to adopt her daughter Emily, now 14.

Penny enjoys playing with her cat Sammy and listening to music.  She enjoys the music Emily listens to, and usually doesn’t change the radio station when Emily gets out of the car.   But Penny also likes classical music, particularly Beethoven.

Penny really enjoys kids: she says they are “refreshing and creative.”  She also calls them “little angels” because they are so well behaved when with her–she “can’t imagine them misbehaving at home.”


In the spotlight: Pianos n’ Pianos’ Lisa Seigler.

Spring 2010

Lisa hails originally from Chicago IL and later from San Jose CA, and now lives in Conifer, CO.  Lisa gives private piano lessons as well as teaching the “Learn to Play the Piano in 8 Weeks” group lesson series at Pianos n’ Pianos.

Lisa in Pianos n’ Pianos Classroom

Lisa is an avid motorcycle aficionado.  Lisa got her start with a motocross dirt bike, but now does mostly road biking.  She is currently an officer of the Denver chapter of the Hog Motorcycle Club, and is looking forward to summer when she can ride her Harley from the mountains more often.  She usually greets her piano students wearing tight blue jeans and leather jacket emblazoned with the Harley Davidson logo.  Lisa also loves other outdoor activities such as camping and boating.

Lisa is a second-generation piano teacher: her mother taught piano.  But Lisa’s love of the piano wasn’t from the start.  She started at 5 years old taking lessons from family and friends, but admits that it was “awful!  I was bored to death.”  This was because of the prevailing teaching methods of the time.

When Lisa started college at San Jose State she majored in Psychology.  She wanted to be a forensic psychologist or a FBI investigator.  But she decided to start teaching piano to cover her school expenses, and it was then and because of her past that she decided she didn’t want any of her students to experience what she had gone through–she wanted the piano to be fun!  And now all of her students agree that she has succeeded in this.

Lisa has now been teaching children and adults for over 20 years.  Lisa loves and teaches a wide variety of musical genres and styles.  She particularly loves classical, pops, and show tunes.  She likes to teach students of all ages and musical tastes.  She says she prefers  “anybody who likes to learn.”  Her goal is to instill a love of music, to share the enjoyment of learning, and above all to have fun!  Lisa tailors her lessons to fit each student’s needs, incorporating music theory and technique using traditional teaching methods as well as the Quick Chord method.

Our students love Lisa and learn quickly under her tutelage.  You can call Pianos n’ Pianos at 303-933-9390 if you have questions about Lisa or would like to schedule a lesson appointment.