Class Schedules

Level 01 Class Schedule

Limited Seating: There are six piano stations per class. Classes meet once a week. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.  Weekday evenings and Saturday mornings can fill up quickly. For availability, please call   (303) 933-9390.

$25.00 Per (1) Hour Lesson! The 8-week course total fee of $200 includes all materials. You will be working and learning on state-of-the-art digital pianos, music computers, etc., and the very latest technology for piano playing and learning to read. The first (Week One) class is 1 ½ hrs. in length, all other classes are 1 ¼ hrs. A total of 10 ½ hours.

Payment: A Pre-Payment of $49 is due when registering either by phone or at Pianos n’ Pianos. We accept credit cards and personal checks.

Special Gifts: We also have “gift certificates” available for  purchase for that “musical gift that will last a lifetime.”


  • We would prefer only registered students at Pianos n’ Pianos during class times
  • Please let us know if someone else will be waiting for you, but do  keep in mind, no pets will be allowed in the facility during classes
  • No cameras, audio and/or video recording devises are allowed during class
  • All cell phones must be turned off while in class. Urgent and/or emergency calls, during class, will be answered by a Pianos n’ Pianos front office representative
  • No food or drinks are allowed in classroom
  • Please make sure you are able to attend all 8 Classes!  There is an additional charge for make-up sessions. Make-up sessions must be paid and pre-arranged with the instructor at Pianos n’ Pianos

We want your classroom experience to be successful, fun, and exciting! Learning and playing with a group of aspiring musicians is energizing, and can be a powerful source of encouragement and support. We are committed in helping you become an awesome player!

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