Level 02

Level 02 Class

Level 02 Overview

This high-powered Level Two 8-week course takes you to an intermediate level!

  • Expanding chordal-progressions in many different keys utilizing “minor 7th” substitution chords
  • Learning various cadences, Major 7th and “add 9” chordal-textures for Musicals, Movie Theme Songs, New Age, Alternative and Rock styles, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, etc…
  • Right-hand melody harmonization and adding left-hand accompaniment arpeggios to expanding right-hand solo and octave melodies, plus refining foot-pedal expression
  • Developing and enhancing site-reading skills, syncopated rhythms, 16th note passages, the circle of 5ths, major and minor 9th chords, suspended chords
  • Knowing, recognizing, and playing all the intervals. Knowing how to modulate from one key signature to another. An introduction to improvisation, composing your very first song and burning your very own CD! and much more!
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