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Our classes are fun

At Piano Pathways, we provide individual or group lessons for all ages!

If you’re interested in lessons, please contact us by calling 303-933-9390 regarding our schedule and availability for group classes, or we will give you the appropriate reference for one of our private teachers.

Pricing varies based on the lesson, private teacher, and frequency of lessons.

Here, you can learn a little bit more about your options and our facilities:

Unique Technique® since 1982 – Our “Learn To Play in 8 Weeks” Adult Group Program!

The Unique Technique CD Rom, CD Audio, piano/keyboard-learning program has two strong and effective elements:

First, our teaching method is designed with fresh, new, high-energy, original material supporting contemporary and traditional keyboard technique/development for beginners and intermediate players. View our traditional curriculum course outline to see how advanced and knowledgeable you will become after only 8 weeks!

Second, our state-of-the-art computer-based digital piano studio teaches students advanced playing techniques and introduces them to the new technology available in today’s market. Our priority is instruction towards developing proper piano skills/techniques, balanced with a well-rounded theoretical understanding of musical application that makes each student’s learning experience exciting and productive.

Private Instruction

We also provide quality professional piano and vocal instruction featuring private teaching studios with “State-Of-The-Art” Facilities!

Our Private Instruction and Practice Rooms

Steinway Room

Grand Piano Room

In each of our teaching studios, we feature two pianos — one each for the student and the teacher!  This enables substantial developmental benefits:

  1. The student has the opportunity to play a state-of-the-art 88-note weighted digital piano and a quality acoustic piano.  The digital piano has beautiful orchestral voices to provide an exciting, fun-loving experience!
  2. The student visually captures a “mirrored image” on the adjacent “teacher’s piano” of correct right-hand fingering positions, as well as the left-hand chord/arpeggio technique without having to get up-and-down. This leads to greater memory retention while speeding the learning process!
  3. By having the additional piano, the teacher can correct and enhance each piece the student is working on immediately and simultaneously!
  4. The teacher can play “duet accompaniment” to enhance tempo/rhythm development while inspiring and creating the song’s appropriate dynamics! One of the most important elements to the listener in performance is the dynamics of the player’s performance in terms of loudness and softness. In music, this is called crescendo vs. decrescendo and forte vs. pianissimo. In layman’s terms, this is the expression and passion that the player conveys to their audience.
  5. At Piano Pathways, our private students even have the opportunity to practice and develop their skills on a grand piano! This gives them greater confidence when they actually play on a grand piano during recitals!

Get Acquainted with Today’s Music Technology at Piano Pathways

Music Studies Room

This piano teaching studio is the only one of its kind in the entire state of Colorado!  It is used for private piano instruction and for young piano students to become familiar with today’s exciting music technology now being used in our colleges, music schools, and conservatories!


  • Learn how to record a two-hand performance to enhance sight-reading skills and creative technique!  The performance can be professionally critiqued, saved as an “audio file,” and emailed directly to the student for more effective at-home practicing!
  • The Freehand Music Notebook Computer on the acoustic piano is loaded with over 1,000 songs of all genres and skill levels!  The teacher can modify and/or rearrange the piece to custom-fit the student’s music ability (on the Freehand Computer) and immediately print it for the student!
  • Students learn to notate music directly from the piano to the computer using Finale, a music notation software program used nationally at colleges across the country!  This not only teaches music theory but accelerates sight-reading skills too!


Lesson Gift Certificates

Already have a piano? Then why not the gift of piano lessons? We have lesson gift certificates available for children and adults.

Call 303-933-9390 today to give the gift of music to someone you love.

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