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2010 Steinway Model O – Black Satin

This near mint condition 5′ 10″ (“Parlor Grand”) Steinway plays with outstanding precision.  This won’t last long – the consignor recently lowered the price and is very motivated to sell.  Call for current pricing. Click here for more info.



Hailun Model 178 5′ 10″ Baby Grand Piano with Artist Bench 


Hailun (pronounced “high loon”) pianos are unique extremely high quality and performance instruments manufactured in China.  Features include both slow-fall key  cover and lid!  They were designed and manufactured with the express intent of meeting European standards, which Hailun has achieved.  Hailun Piano was chosen for 2008 Olympic performance and was awarded the International Six Golden Star Medal by the european authority music magazine DIAPASON. It was the first time that a chinese piano was awarded such a high honor in the world leveled european authority piano contest.  World class-level performers are uniformly raving about this piano.  Come see and play this amazing instrument.

Call for price.

Steinway Model M Ebony Satin 5’7″ Baby Grand Piano with Artist Bench.


346769-Steinway M plate


2004 Wyman WG160 Ebony Polish 5’3″ Baby Grand 


Wyman Piano Company is a well established piano venture created by experienced former Baldwin executives with more than 60 years combined piano industry experience.  Wyman instruments feature proprietary cabinet designs, including classic grand piano styling. All Wyman models are based on proven German scale designs, and are manufactured in Wyman’s state-of-the-art factory in China.

Experienced musicians and students alike will appreciate the pleasing tone and responsive action of these beautiful instruments. To ensure quality of tone, Wyman pianos incorporate several proven and unique construction elements, such as the 19-ply Wyman wrestplank and the TriPhonic™ cantilevered bass bridge, that ensure solid tuning stability and maximize sound transmission.

The Wyman factory has produced pianos since 1949, and now has an annual output that exceeds 50,000 pianos per year.

Now only $7,500. SOLD!

K. Kawai KG-1C 5′ 1″ Ebony Satin Baby Grand 


A fine baby grand piano that will fit just about anywhere, the Kawai KG-1C is an excellent choice for anyone who wants the traditional look of an ebony satin grand piano but has limited space. This piano can fill a decent size room with a rich sound regardless of its diminutive size.  Includes 5-year warranty and two in-home tunings.

Only $7,800!

K. Kawai KG-3C 6′ 1″ Ebony Satin Conservatory Grand


A wonderful piano with a dark rich bass and a singing treble characteristic of Kawai pianos.

Made in Hamamatsu Japan.  Includes 5-year warranty and two in-home tunings.


Knabe Grand 5′ 2″ Waterfall Mahogany!

This beautiful “Solid-Wood and 100% Hand-Made” living room grand plays and sounds magnificently!  Glowing walnut finish with flowing grain will complement and add that special “touch of class” to your living room or great room.  Comes with a (5) year warranty and in-home tuning!


Was $8,595! Now $4,810!

D.H. Baldwin C152 5′ Oak Baby Grand


You can’t beat a Baldwin for quality of workmanship and musical quality.  This one has a slightly “dark” tone preferred by most Classically trained artists and is in excellent condition.

Baldwin Pianos are a musical legacy that for over a century continues to live on. Each piano that carries the name Baldwin, is a piece of that legacy which has contributed to American piano history and manufacturing.

Now $4,425!  SOLD

Wurlitzer C143  5′ 1″ Ebony Polish Grand


A pleasure to play and to listen to.  Includes 5-year parts and labor warranty, in-home tuning and 10-year free trade-up.

72438-Wurlitzer C-143 Black

Wurlitzer is one of the most well-known names in the music industry, perhaps best known for being the creator of the original jukebox. Long before the jukebox, though, Wurlitzer pianos were an important piece of the fabric of the music industry. An industry leader in many areas during the late 19th and early 20th century, Wurlitzer continues to be a commonly heard name throughout the world. Many have grown up listening and playing products made by the Wurlitzer company. From jukeboxes to guitars the Wurlitzer brand stretched across many areas. Although the company no longer manufactures pianos or other musical instruments, their long history is one worth acknowledging.

Only $5,800.

Yamaha G1 5′ 3″ Walnut Satin Baby Grand


Considered an optimum size for most living rooms.  Renowned Yamaha quality and craftsmanship.  Includes 5-year parts and labor warranty, in-home tuning, and 10-year trade-up.

Only $7000.  Sold!

Yamaha G1 5′ 3″ Ebony Satin Baby Grand


Bold, rich tone and a responsive action. Guaranteed Yamaha quality and craftsmanship makes this a perfect starter instrument for beginners or returning adults looking to upgrade to a fuller sound.  Includes 5-year parts and labor warranty and in-home tuning.

Only $5800.  SOLD!

₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪

* On Hold indicates that a deposit has been received on this piano, which gives the client first right of rescission should a different client want to purchase it.

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