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All digital piano prices slashed



Casio Celviano AL-150R Ensemble Full-Featured keyboard

88 keys with touch response (3 sensitivity levels, off), Naturally Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard, Dual-color Key Lighting System.

Includes Advanced Lesson System :

Dual-color Key Lighting System,
3 Arrangement Levels, Lesson Part selection,
3-Step Lesson, Hand Position Guide,
Voice Fingering Guide,
On-Screen Fingering Guide,
Music Library (80 built-in tunes, 10 user tunes),
Song Controller, Phrase Repeat feature

Now only $1995.  SOLD!

Kurzweil Mark Pro 1i Ebony Polish keyboards

The keyboard that “rocked the world” and set the standard for realism in keyboard technology by famous inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil.  The Mark Pro 1i is sleek and elegant, and has most of it features hidden, which makes it a great keyboard for children or for living rooms where a Boeing-747-control-panel look is undesirable.  Nevertheless it has a full complement of General MIDI voices, MIDI in out and thru connectors for computer connection, headphone jacks and working foot pedals.  1-year warranty.  Slide-out key cover.

Was $1780, now $1295.

Kurzweil Mark Pro 10 Ensemble Grand Keyboard Ebony Polish

Full featured 88 key keyboard with weighted hammer action keys,  7 levels of touch sensitivity, 32-note polyphony, 10  Kurzweil renowned voices: (Grand Piano, Bright Piano, Dual-Strike Electric Piano, Vibes, Harpsichord, Pipe Organ, Strings and Choir; plus Electric and Acoustic Bass as left-split sounds).

Dual and multi-layering possible; uses different optimized versions of some sounds (which makes 12 sounds altogether)
2 pedals (soft, sustain), 2 Digital Effects:  (chorus, symphonic)

Note bender pad for emulating slide steel guitar or Hawaiian guitar.

Dig. Reverb: 3 (room, hall ,stage)
Brilliance: yes (change voices).
Transpose feature
Sequencer: 6,000 note sequencer; record, play/stop with four
non-volatile song memory locations; built-in
variable-speed metronome; play-along capability, but
no overdubbing
MIDI: note on/note off, program change and controller data
Mode set: piano tune
Others: volume control, line in, line out, headphone jack
(disables speakers), MIDI (IN/OUT/THRU), pedal input
Misc: adjustments – fine tuning
Exterior: detachable note stand and external power supply
included; optional detachable stand with built-in soft and sustain pedals and matching bench
Output: Stereo (10W x 2)

Only $1295.

Yamaha DGT7A GranTouch ebony polish

A truly unique instrument!  This digital grand is installed in a genuine acoustic grand ebony polish case.  Not only that, but it is a true player piano, mechanically actuating the keys as it plays, and includes both audio (e.g. voice, band recordings) and digitally synthesized sounds.  But no piano strings, therefore never needs tuning.  Great built-in sound system gives sound quality above most digital pianos.  Come see and play this wonder.

Also able to record your playing digitally.  Plays off both floppy disk MIDI files and CD combined audio/MIDI.  You can adjust player tempo, ambience (reverb), and volume.  And of course an 88-note fully weighted key keyboard.

The DGT7A Digital Player Controller

A truly amazing instrument!

Special Spring Price $5,600! Sold!!

Suzuki HG-425e Ebony Polish “Midi Grand Ensemble”

Authentic key touch and sound.  Ready to add a touch of beauty and elegance to any room.  Its cabinet is  finished with an 8 layer high gloss polish ebony.

Advanced Balanced Hammer Action Keyboard accurately recreates the feel of an acoustic grand piano. For realism it uses a new hammer action that lets you feel the hammers and cushions as you play. Its the music teachers choice for digital pianos.  Full 64-note polyphony,  Has Imaging Sound Synthesis technology based on real recordings of a carefully tuned and adjusted world-class concert grand piano. It has been sampled across the keyboard to capture all sound variations.  Has over 100 voices and percussion sounds, separate DSP effects and mixing.  Has 5-track sequencer.  Includes one-touch play mode.  120 watts of audio power!sd

Includes microphone input and you can add the flair of displaying the Karaoke lyrics on your TV. Use this feature to display Karaoke lyrics while you play or sing.

Only $1500!

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