Our affiliates have related businesses that we recommend for piano cleaning, repair, refinishing and more.

Piano Cleaning and Detailing

Elizabeth Ferreira

(720) 737-2633

Piano Refinishing and Restoring

Warren Baker

(303) 761-6858

Piano Tuning and Repair

South Metro Area

Paul Predoehl

(303) 478-1853

East Metro Area

Joan Lawrie

(303) 868-0533

North Metro Area

Earl Knosher

(720) 937-6537

North of the Metro Area

Brent Collins

(720) 471-9202

Organ (Pipe and Digital) and Carillon Repair

Earl Knosher

(720) 937-6537

Piano Appraisals

Damon Ostrander

(720) 281-4947

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