Our Staff

Here at Piano Pathways we work as a team, and really enjoy working together to bring the enjoyment of making beautiful music to our community.   This page is to introduce you to our team so that you not only know those of us who meet directly with you, our customers, but also those of us who work behind the scenes to make every aspect of your business with us hassle-free and satisfying.

Our Office Staff

Angie Olsen – Executive Director & Piano Instruction, individualSONY DSC

Angie has a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Minor in Non-Profit Studies from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado. Angie also teaches kids and adults here at Piano Pathways.  Angie enjoys sharing music and seeing the joy produced when her students learn to play and enjoy playing the music they want to play.  Angie also promotes playing for its therapeutic and stress-reducing benefits.  Angie teaches genres from classical to pop.  She likes to add theory and ear training to traditional instruction, giving her students additional helpful tools that lead to well-rounded learning.

Angie is also available to provide in-home lessons.


Michelle Lea – Administrative Director

Michelle’s is the voice you are most likely to hear when you call Piano Pathways. She is actually as effervescent in real life as she sounds on the phone, and keeps the rest of us here entertained!

Michelle LeaBorn in Champagne IL, she has lived in Colorado since age 10, and graduated from Arapahoe High. She promotes health and wellness alternative medicine and therapies, and practices and instructs yoga. Michelle likes the outdoors and likes to hike in the foothills west of Denver.   Her favorite book is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L-Engle, and her favorite musical instrument is the piano (how appropriate!).

Michelle has three children: a 13-year-old daughter and 11-year-old twin sons who she says are “her world.”

We appreciate Michelle’s great attitude and her commitment to providing great customer service. When you visit our store be sure to meet and say hello to Michelle. You will be glad you did.


Damon Ostrander – Product Specialist

Damon does piano sales and helps with marketing, computer and website stuff, and photography.  Damon is a retired aerospace engineer, but has also played piano since he was 4.  Damon often jokes that when he was a child he told his Mother that he wanted to be a musician when he grew up, and his Mother responded “you can’t have it both ways.” 

Damon is interested in the technical aspects of pianos–what makes certain pianos better than others, their tuning and operation, and the high-tech components such as player systems, digital recording systems, and digital ensemble systems.  But Damon also loves music and pianos and really enjoys working at Piano Pathways because he says being surrounded by so many fine instruments is like working in a candy store.

Visit Damon’s piano and music jokes page for a good laugh, even including some of Damon’s own.


Our Teaching Staff

Penny Moeller – Piano Instruction, individual

Penny gives private instruction to children, teens and adults, and specializes in teaching young children, starting as young as 4.

Penny teaches using a variety of methods, matching the method to the child’s interests, tastes, pace and temperament.  She also uses a variety of props to help each child learn the keyboard, fingering, and sight reading quickly.  She has a “grandmotherly” demeanor which makes children feel very comfortable, but at the same time anxious to please her.


Vern Baumer – Clarinet and Saxophone instruction

Vern started to play the horn when he was 10 years old in Canon City.  He took lessons and became very proficient.  During high school he became his class bandleader and formed a small trio which performed at night clubs.

In 1960, after having married and having four children, he moved to Denver and re-started his music career.  After playing in some big bands and different groups he started his own band.  He has now played in almost every venue imaginable, including Central City and many jazz festivals around the country.  He has also taught band for Cherry Creek schools for 10 years.

Vern loves teaching and working with youth and students of all ages.  He also loves jazz (traditional a.k.a “classic”) and is proficient in almost all reed instruments.  He has a wonderful sense of humor and is fun to be around, and we are delighted to have him on staff.


Greg Watkins – Piano Instruction, individual

Greg teaches piano in three areas: 1) beginning, 2) jazz, and 3) blues. Beginning piano covers the basics regardless of style, building skills in ear training, finger technique, music notation, scales, and introductory music theory. Greg’s jazz study focuses on lead sheets, where a specific song is analyzed, practiced, and improvised over. Blues piano is mainly improvising and “playing by ear.” Greg emphasizes building technique with specific blues exercises along with some moderate music theory and studying classic songs in the blues tradition.

Greg teaches very young students utilizing the Suzuki method, where children practice hearing and repeating melodies with a minimum of theory.

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