Our Staff

Here at Pianos n’ Pianos we work as a team, and really enjoy working together to bring the enjoyment of making beautiful music to our community.   This page is to introduce you to our team so that you not only know those of us who meet directly with you, our customers, but also those of us who work behind the scenes to make every aspect of your business with us hassle-free and satisfying.

If you have read the About Us page you already know about our fearless leader, Ken Trujillo.  But here is the rest of our team.


Our Office Staff

Michelle Lea – Office Manager

Michelle’s is the voice you are most likely to hear when you call Pianos n’ Pianos. She is actually as effervescent in real life as she sounds on the phone, and keeps the rest of us here entertained!

Michelle Lea

Born in Champagne Il, she has lived in Colorado since age 10, and graduated from Arapahoe High. She promotes health and wellness alternative medicine and therapies, and practices and instructs yoga. Michelle likes the outdoors and likes to hike in the foothills west of Denver.   Her favorite book is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L-Engle, and her favorite musical instrument is the piano (how appropriate!).

Michelle has three children: and 8-year-old girl and twin 6-year-old boys who she says are “her world”.

We appreciate Michelle’s great attitude and her commitment to providing great customer service. When you visit our store be sure to meet and say hello to Michelle. You will be glad you did.

Peggy Trujillo – Receptionist.

In addition to the notable distinction of being Ken’s wife, Peggy also serves as our fill-in receptionist.  She and her irresistible teacup poodle Remi entertain children that visit and welcome those that come in for lessons.

When Peggy is in the office visitors will always hear 50’s music coming from the computer’s speakers–Peggy adores music from that era.

Peggy always has a word of encouragement, and is a person you want to have around when thing are difficult.


Our Sales and Technical Staff

Damon Ostrander – Product Specialist

Damon does piano sales and helps with marketing, computer and website stuff, and photography.  Damon is a retired aerospace engineer, but has also played piano since the age of four.  Damon often jokes that when he was a child he told his Mother that he wanted to be a musician when he grew up, and his Mother responded “you can’t have it both ways.” 

Damon is interested in the technical aspects of pianos–what makes certain pianos better than others, their tuning and operation, and the high-tech components such as player systems, digital recording systems, and digital ensemble systems.  But Damon also loves music and pianos and really enjoys working at Pianos n’ Pianos because he says being surrounded by so many fine instruments is like working in a candy store.

Damon also plays for parties,  piano bar, and special occasions.  Damon enjoys stumping his co-workers with “name that tune”, except that sometime even Damon doesn’t know the name of the tune.  Visit Damon’s website to find out more about his playing or his piano and music jokes page for a good laugh, even including some of Damon’s own.


Our Teaching Staff

Irina Manasyan – Piano Instruction, individualIrina Manasyan

Irina Manasyan has a degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy and 39 years of successful teaching experience in classical piano performance and theory with children and adults. Irina offers a coordinated approach to piano instruction for novice and intermediate students as well as systematic professional training for advanced students and adults.  Her teaching practice is based on a synthesis of methods used by world-renowned piano schools.


Danny Mallon – Piano Instruction, individual

Danny has a B. S. in Music from Colorado University.  He says he stresses theory “so that students can read the grand staff more easily, read lead sheets and tablature, compose, arrange, and transcribe.”  Danny teaches all ages and skill levels, and all musical genres.

Danny is our “hi-tech” piano guy.  He uses digital music pads and is advocate of Story & Clark’s PNOscan coupled with FreeHand software for computer connectivity.  Danny teaches students how to use this technology to advance quickly, taking advantage of available  software instructional tools.

Danny is also a popular performer, often being called upon to do dueling pianos performances, weddings, parties, etc.  Danny is a lot of fun.  He has a goofy hat and other props for every occasion, and he uses these to entertain his students as well as his performance audiences.

Visit the Danny Mallon website to learn more about him and his music.


Penny Moeller – Piano Instruction, individual

Penny gives private instruction to children, teens and adults, and specializes in teaching young children, starting as young as 4 years.

Penny teaches using a variety of methods, matching the method to the child’s interests, tastes, pace and temperament.  She also uses a variety of props to help each child learn the keyboard, fingering, and sight reading quickly.  She has a “grandmotherly” demeanor which makes children feel very comfortable, but at the same time anxious to please her.


Angie Olsen – Piano Instruction, individualSONY DSC

Angie teaches kids and adults here at Pianos n’ Pianos.  Angie enjoys sharing music and seeing the joy produced when her students learn to play and enjoy playing the music they want to play.  Angie also promotes playing for its therapeutic and stress-reducing benefits.  Angie teaches genres from classical to pop.  She likes to add theory and ear training to traditional instruction, giving her students additional helpful tools that lead to well-rounded learning.

Angie is also available to provide instruction at your home.


Devin Coats – Piano and Vocal Instruction, individual

Devin is a recent graduate of the University of Texas, where he earned a B.M. in music with an emphasis in music composition.  Devin teaches students of all ages. Devin teaches a wide variety of genres but specializes in classical.  He is also excellent in teaching music theory.

Devin particularly loves the compositions of Bach.  He loves seeing student successes, and the self-confidence and enjoyment that comes with developing proficiency on the piano.  Devin has also had a life-long love of creative writing.  For students that want to learn to compose music, he can teach techniques to cultivate imagination and creativity.


Kaia Radeff – Violin Instruction, individual

Kaia grew up right here locally in Parker, Colorado.  She started playing violin at 10 years old, but developed very quickly and has played with the Parker Symphony and now plays with the Aurora Symphony.  She also plays the cello and guitar, and enjoys photography, having been introduced through the Douglas County 4H.  Kaia loves Bach partitas, and everything by Tchaikovsky.

Kaia loves working with kids, especially when it involves introducing them to something new.  Kaia will be studying music at the Community College of Denver in the fall.


Peter Noble – Flute, Piano and Vocal Instruction

Peter studied piano and flute from age 7 and in school participated in band, choir, and orchestra. Advanced studies followed at the University of Northern Colorado and vocal training at the Academy of the Arts in Denver.

After 15 years of performing with the Heartbreak Radio band and leading the Ruthie Garrett Band in Denver, Peter moved to Nashville TN in 1994, working with artists such as Tanya Tucker, Shelley West, Marty Haggard, German country star Joe Hodgkins, MCA artist Jeff Moore, members of Hwy 101, and opening for such artists as Gary Morris, Suzy Boguss, Marshall Tucker Band, Chris LeDoux, Mel McDaniels and others. He has performed at weddings, corporate functions, songwriter showcases, fraternity parties, hotel lounges and nightclubs, recording sessions and video shoots. From 2004 to 2007 Peter performed two nights a week at the Music City Sheraton hotel with recording artist Angela Oliver.

In addition to making music, Peter has taught piano and voice at Wenzel’s Music, Evergreen Music  (both in Evergreen, CO), Shuff’s Music (in Franklin, TN) and currently here at Pianos ‘n Pianos.

Peter is currently employed with Noble Productions (event sound and light production) and teaches piano and voice privately. He is bandleader for The Rumour and performs with Duality and The Margarita Brothers.


Ken Trujillo – Piano Instruction, group

Ken is the owner of Pianos n’ Pianos but is also the inventor and developer of the UniqueTechnique teaching system.  Ken often teaches the classes himself.  In fact, it is through the fact that he has taught the class personally so many time that the class has become so refined and effective.

Ken loves music and his love and appreciation for music creates an atmosphere in the store that encourages everyone that enters to seek and share it.  When Ken was young he developed a passion for the organ, and he still has a great love for the instrument.  Ken is also constantly active in composing new music, and performs original compositions regularly at his church.

Ken is very creative, both musically and as a businessman.  Often it takes a lot of creativity and effort to satisfy the varied needs of customers, and Ken succeeds where many others fail.  Ken is also very appreciated by his staff and customers alike because of his fair treatment and respect for others.

Ken’s knowledge of pianos and the piano business is almost legendary due to his 30+ years of experience.  If you have questions about pianos, the piano industry, piano comparisons, piano care, or just about anything piano, ask Ken.  You will be glad you did.


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