Our Services

Pianos n’ Pianos provides the following services for our customers and community:

  • Piano Tuning and Technician Referral
  • Piano Appraisals
  • Piano Photography
  • Piano Lessons and Piano Teacher Referrals
  • Piano Practice Rooms
  • Pianists for Special Events
  • Short-term piano rentals
  • Specific piano arrival notifications


  1. Hello Phil,

    We would be happy to appraise your piano. If you would like us to do this please email us a photo or photos of your piano at kentru5473@gmail.com or by mail at our store mailing address. Also include the piano serial number, and any history information you have such as where it resides now and for how long, where it was before that, etc. However, in order not to give you false hope I should advise you that most pianos of this type and vintage have little or no value, and often you must even pay to have them hauled away. The fact that the piano has not been cared for (tuned regularly, etc.) makes it very likely that it will not be tunable, or that at the very least will require a pitch raise–an expense that will likely exceed the value of the piano.

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