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Special 50% off Sale Pianos with (5) Yr. Warranties!

Pianos that have been priced to sell quickly, usually due to a desire by the piano’s consignor to dispose of the piano quickly.  You may have to move quickly to take advantage of the deals shown here.

Young Chang 7′ Ebony Polish Pramberger Edition Grand

Incredible concert Sound!  Joseph Pramberger worked for Steinway for 25 years, much of that time as head of manufacturing. He designed and oversaw the production of this masterpiece for Young Chang after he retired from Steinway. He introduced many design and production improvements into Young Chang’s line of concert and semi-concert pianos.

The Pramberger legacy began over 225 years ago with the birth of Joseph Johann Pramberger in Tyrol, Austria in 1779.  Joseph learned the skills of woodworking and at a very young age in Vienna during an era in history where every aspect of creating a piano was an art of learned skill and personal craftsmanship which led him to become a Master Artisan in Europe and Steinway’s Master Grand Piano Engineer and Designer!   

Marked down 50% from $29,995 to $15,000!



Sohmer 1884 Louie XV 6’4″ Hand-Carved Brazilian Rosewood Conservatory Grand Piano

An Amazing Heirloom!  Amazing craftsmanship in this 1884 vintage piano that plays and sounds better than most pianos made today.  Own a piece of history!  Built the year the Washington Monument was completed and the foundation for the Statue of Liberty!

Sohmer 1884 6' 4

See detailed images of this “Original Antique Hand-Made” piano here.

Stunning original and hand-carved cherry.  Original sale price $19,995, then marked down to $12,650.

Now discounted OVER 50% to $4500!                                                                  YES – only $4500!

Baldwin Acrosonic Queen Ann Console


Hand-Made Baldwin Acrosonic Top-Of-Line Living-Room 44″ Console!

This one-owner work of art has been meticulously maintained and purchased locally.  Features delicately laser cut scroll work music desk, stylishly slim Queen Ann legs.  This instrument comes with a (5) year warranty and an in-home tuning and servicing and includes a matching bench. The string length is equal to that of a baby grand which gives it a full & robust bass and it also has an ultra-responsive touch!

The Acrosonic model is one of the most successful and acclaimed models ever produced by any piano maker because of a number of design innovations that gave it a unique sound and performance that was superior to that of comparable size pianos of other manufacturers.  In addition it has a tuning stability and ruggedness that has made it a workhorse in homes, schools, and retirement centers worldwide.

 Was $7,995 new — NOW  $2,900!

“Scratch n’ Dent” Bargain on Kawai 49″ Professional Upright — $1,495!

Reduced from $3,500 to only $1,495!  Kawai”s Flagship Professional Upright has the string length of a 5’6″ baby grand, sounds great and is in excellent mechanical condition – if you can forgive and forebear some blemishes on the case.  Includes matching bench, a five-year warranty, and an in-home tuning.

Yamaha 43″ Queen Anne Cherry Console

Reg $4,295 to $1,895!  Rich bass with mids and highs – bell tone sweetness as opposed to a metallic bright sound.  Includes matching bench, a five-year warranty, and an in-home tuning.



Baldwin “Acrosonic” Starting Piano $495!

Reg $1,095 marked down to $495!

Rich bass with mids and highs – bell tone sweetness as opposed to a metallic bright sound.  Includes matching bench, a three-year warranty, and an in-home tuning.

An excellent starter piano that has a light touch desirable for small hands.

We also include our exclusive “Full (10) Year Trade-Up at 100% of your Original Purchase Price.”

667729-Acrosonic Brn Mah 36

Yamaha U1 48″ Piano with Disklavier Player System

The Yamaha “flagship” vertical piano.  Very rich sound and incredible touch.  The disklavier player also adds Yamaha’s exclusive XG synthesized sounds to add instrumental and band backgrounds, as well as sound effects (such as wind), providing a very immersive experience.

(click to enlarge)

Now more than 50% off.  Marked down from $20,995 to $7900!

Baldwin Ebony Polish 45″ Studio

The quintessential studio piano.  Rugged design plus Baldwin quality, tone, and tuning longevity.

Was $7995, now more than 50% off at $3900!


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