2010 Model O Steinway

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At $43.5K, this is a tremendous value for one of Steinway’s most popular models. The 5′ 10.5″ length produces a deep, resonant bass while fitting comfortably within a large living room.

This particular instrument is in near-mint condition, with a beautiful black satin finish and a high-gloss fallboard that impressively reflects your fingers on the keyboard. Recently voiced and tuned, it has a clear, resonant tone.

About Steinway

Steinway pianos are the most coveted pianos in the world, and being privileged to own one represents a longterm commitment to quality and musical excellence.

Every one of its more than 12,000 components adheres to the highest possible standard, but it is the soundboard that truly distinguishes the Steinway. This is due to the company’s strict standards regarding soundboard wood selection and design. Made from close-grained, quarter-sawn prime-grade planks of Sitka spruce, only 50% of all the spruce Steinway inspects and purchases meet their demanding requirements. The rest is thrown away or resold. This guarantees their unrelenting standards for soundboard quality.

No other brand offers that Steinway touch, providing ultimate control over the player’s dynamic range, from the softest of passages to a thundering cadenza. That’s why Steinways are the first choice for the world’s greatest piano virtuosos.


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