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Call or text main number 303-933-9390 for inquiries, current hours or appointments.

Stop by and compare pianos Side-by-Side in the One-Stop Piano Shop 

Regular Office Hours* for Unit 15:    

Tuesday – Thursday 10AM to 6PM

Friday & Saturday   10AM to 4PM

Sunday 11:00am – 3:30pm 

Monday Closed or By Appointment Only*.

🎹 Virtual & In-Person showings available!   🎹

* To maintain social distancing, we can schedule appointments outside or during regular store hours. Please call ahead to confirm hours during SaferAtHome.  Sunday/Monday appointments must be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Please call or TEXT our office at 303-933-9390 press 1 for Sales or email office@pianopathways.org for Appointment and let us know you are heading over.

Our cleaning practices:

We understand how important Cleaning & Sanitizing is to our prospective customers. All of our pianos are extensively cleaned and sanitized inside & out upon delivery to our showroom. We also use Microfiber cloths with antibacterial silver to clean our pianos before we demo them.
🎹 Now is a great time to practice on your piano at home or to learn to play a new piece. If you would like to take a lesson we have teachers who are giving virtual lessons via Zoom, Facetime and Skype.

We are a non-profit piano store in Southwest Littleton, the best place to shop for affordable quality pianos in the Denver Metro area.  Pianos ranging from under $1,000 to high-end.  With warranties and trade-up values.

We offer:

– Quality, Pre-Screened acoustic and digital pianos for sale. 

– Music Lessons, including piano, guitar, violin, ukulele, and more.

– Recital Hall for teachers & performers. Booking now for spring 2020!

Buying a Piano as a Gift?

We now offer Gift Cards!! 

The decision of which piano to buy for you can be difficult.  But buying a piano as a gift for a loved one or friend can be even mores daunting.  This is especially true if the recipient is an advanced player who might have very specific preferences in an instrument.   Here at Piano Pathways we are very sensitive to these issues and have strategies to help our customers navigate them.

When you visit us just let us know if you are buying for someone else.  We have a list of questions that will help us to recommend a piano that you can be confident your recipient will love.  We can also help with arranging delivery if you want the piano to be a surprise.   We can even arrange for the piano to arrive with a big red bow on it.

.Sheet Music at a 50% Savings!

We have an assortment of near new music books, method books and sheet music at least 50% off new prices!  We also have music-style gifts, headphones, metronomes, etc. for all the music lovers in your family!

Each purchase supports our 501(C)(3) non-profit, Piano Pathways of Colorado (click here), which provides instruments and music lessons for disadvantaged children and seniors.

Enriching and educating one child at a time through positive music is our priority.

Our mission is to bring music education, positive influence, and encouragement, by learning to play piano, into the homes and lives of our children, teens, adults and seniors who otherwise would not have the opportunity. Building bridges for the future through music is what Piano Pathways of Colorado is committed to accomplish and to treasure!  Since January of this year, we have donated (3) pianos to Assisted Senior Centers.

Every year PBS features gifted young concert pianists between the ages of 10-17 years old performing at Carnegie Hall on Steinway concert grand pianos! Will Colorado’s under-privileged and abused children ever have this opportunity to pursue? Unless we build a bridge and provide a pathway – they never will!  Poverty, neglect, abuse, abandonment and depression can destroy a child’s dream for life!

Why Choose Piano Pathways?

“Twice the value, half the price”

Piano Pathways specializes in quality local consignment pianos. The majority of these instruments offer considerably better construction, touch, and tone for the price versus a brand new piano.  All pianos are hand-selected and inspected by our technicians.  All pianos considered for consignment must have been purchased locally and come from good, clean environments before we give them our “stamp of approval” with warranty coverage and a (10) year full up-grade/full value policy offered to our customers.

Our pricing is aggressive so if you have to sell down-the-road, you can still get near to your original investment!  New cars depreciate approximately 40% the instant you drive them off the lot.  Similarly, new pianos depreciate in value 40% the first year, and 50% after just three years.  But pianos do not age as cars, in terms of construction, tone, and performance.  A 50-year-old piano can perform just as well as new, depending on the care, tuning and service it has been given.  In addition, most older pianos are made with much higher quality materials in integrity of construction than newer ones.  The EPA cut back substantially in thicknesses of veneers and solid core stock since the late 90’s.  Our emphasis is on “mechanical age” rather than “birth age.”  If a piano has been serviced and tuned over the years both mechanically and aesthetically, “birth age” is a moot point – mechanical integrity is paramount!

BRAND NAMES: Our broad selection of inventory consists of a variety of name brands including Steinway & Sons, J. Strauss & Son, Yamaha, Baldwin, Story & Clark, Kawai, Yamaha, Young Chang, Gulbransen, Kimball, Wurlitzer, Kurzweil, Roland, Clavinova,  Samick, Mason & Hamlin, Pramberger, Petrof, Kohler Campbell, Baldwin Acrosonic, Weinbach, Chickering, Sohmer, Bergmann, QRS Digital Player Systems, PianoDisc, Disklavier and many others!      » Learn More

SELECTION: We have been called “The Baskin-Robbins of SONY DSCPianos.” Our inventory consists of quality consignment Full-Size Grands, Conservatory Grands, Baby Grands, Professional Uprights, Studios, Consoles, Spinets, Player Grands and Verticals, Digital Pianos and Digital Keyboards. For budget-minded piano buyers, there is a tremendous difference between consignment vs. used in terms of the quality of the pianos.  And because we are not a dealer for any particular brand we can honestly advise you regarding the pros and cons of each as well a help you with comparisons.    » Learn More!

FINISH AND STYLES: Satin Wood and High-Gloss in Cherry, Oak, Pecan, Birds-Eye Maple, Mahogany, Rosewood, hand-rubbed oiled finishes, High-Gloss Black, Satin Black, Walnut, Snow White, Ribbon-Band Mahogany and Ivory! Furniture styles in Queen Anne, Contemporary, Early American, Traditional, Vintage Art Deco, Country French Provincial, Louis XV, Scandinavian, Chippendale, and others.

TUNING/TECHNICAL EXPERTISE AND PIANO MOVING SERVICE: We provide the most knowledgeable and experienced piano technicians to service and tune your instrument insuring optimum performance and mechanical integrity to help protect your piano’s resale value. Our technical staff also provides expertise in voicing and key regulation for players that demand a specific touch and tonal timbre. Call us for professional and courteous piano moving both locally, and out-of-state at competitive rates.

TOUCH-UP AND REFINISHING: We have technicians that specialize in cabinetry touch-up, refurbishing, and refinishing, both in wood and high-gloss finishes.  You can help preserve an heirloom you can be proud of now while also providing a lasting legacy for your loved ones.

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY EXPERTISE: We specialize in the “know-how” when it comes to making music and technology work together to benefit your development. We are excited to enlighten the possibilities you have available in learning today’s technical advancements.

Whether your need to learn basic programming features on your digital piano, or learning how to use various software applications via USB/MIDI, we are here to get you from point A to point B.